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Signtseeing Spots Signtseeing Spots

Signtseeing Spots

To the latest spot from recommended, writer of Hokkaido resident, will help you with tourist information to be able to enjoy the highest Hokkaido.

Hokkaido can basically separated to four areas. Eastern Hokkaido includes Obihiro (Kushiro, Nemuro, Kitami, Tokachi area), Northern Hokkaido which includes Asahikawa (Kamikawa-Rumoi Soya area), Southern Hokkaido including Hakodate (Oshima-Hiyama area), and Central Hokkaido include Sapporo (Ishikari, Sorachi-Shiribeshi-Iburi Hidaka area). There are also islands such as Rishiri-Rebun, Okushiri Island, etc.
Hokkaido is full of spots for travelers such as lavender of Furano, Asahikawa Zoo in Asahikawa, drift ice of Okhotsk, World Heritage Shiretoko, Sapporo Clock Tower, Provincial Office red brick and night view in Hakodate, Otaru Canal, and the hills of Biei. Nature of the four seasons, nature watching Hokkaido is also unique. Hokkaido Likers will introduce from the latest spot to historical buildings, and secret spots known only by people living in Hokkaido.
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