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Release | Fumiko Magota

Monbetsu Drift Ice Adventure 5 – “Kaisen Shushoku Rin”

Fresh crab prepared just the way you like it!   
In the heart of Monbetsu, on Hamanasu Dori, you’ll find Kaisen Shushoku Rin, famous for its Okhotsk Snow Crab (currently selling for about 2500 to 3000 yen). 
After placing your order, they’ll show you the live crab taken from the tank so you can make sure it is to your liking.  What’s even nicer is that they will cook the crab to your exact specifications, no matter how picky! 
As for me, I asked for the body to be boiled, half of the legs to be served as sashimi, and the remaining half to be served as tempura.
▲ You can pick out which crab you would like from the tank by the counter. 
▲ Their technique for preparing the crab is amazing to watch!   The owner, Akira Hayashi, specializes in the preparation of crab.  With tremendous power behind his knife, he swiftly cuts and arranges the crab beautifully.  
You only have to wait a few minutes.  This is my spectacularly prepared crab.  When it was first put in front of me, I let out an unintentional but audible  “Wow!”  I was so impressed.  
First, there’s the sashimi.  By momentarily submerging the meat into ice water, the fibers open up and almost seem to “bloom” and come to life, as you can see in the picture.
▲ The fresh meat has a transparent quality to it.  Just by looking at it you begin to anticipate the deliciousness, and after the first bit you can really appreciate its tender, sweet meat.
Next, is the tempura. 
Such fresh crab tempura is truly a luxury.  After washing the meat, it is fried to perfection, leaving it with a very light and almost fluffy texture. 
▲ The tempura coating is delightfully crispy while the meat is light and airy.  It would go well with beer or even sake.
Finally, the boiled shell, with flavorful crab “miso” (the green paste).  The shop provides a finger bowl with lemon water, so you need not worry about getting your hands a little dirty.  They really know how to take care of their guests here.
▲ By the way, the beer in the background is Sapporo Classic Draft, available only in Hokkaido. After I had finished eating the filling of the shell, Hayashi san asked me, “How about a little sake?”  It turns out, he was suggesting sake poured in the shell.  Of course, he was right, it was delicious! 
▲ Never skipping a detail in the presentation, they heated the sake for me in the shell.  This really magnified the taste and fragrance of the sake. 
It felt as if I had eaten a full course meal.  I felt fully satisfied.  The shop also offers homemade crab dumplings and fried, nori(seaweed)-wrapped crab as well.  I highly recommend giving these a try if you can fit them in!
▲ Homemade crab dumplings (800 yen).  Made with 100% raw crabmeat, these are true delicacies. Put a little bit of the crab miso on these and you’ll have the perfect combination. 
▲ In addition to counter seating, there is also private seating available. 
[ Kaisen Yushoku Rin ]
Telephone / 0158・24・9877
Address / 北海道紋別市幸町6-3-8 ぼんでんビル2F
Hours / 17:00-23:00 (Last Order 22:45), Tue-Sat Specials from 11:30
** (Last Order at 13:20)
Closed / Sundays (In the case of consecutive Sun-Mon. holidays, Monday will be closed) 
Access / About 4 min. by bus from Monbetsu Bus Station.
[ Model Course ]
〈Day 1〉
〈Day 2〉
06:00 / Garinko 2
From here you could also go to the Science Center
11:15 / Okhotsk Monbetsu White Curry (Kitchen Shima or Hotel Okhotsk Palace)
※ Flights from Haneda to Monbetsu take about 1 hour 40 minutes.
※ Bus ride from Monbetsu Airport to Monbetsu Bus Terminal takes about 15 minutes. 
(Research, Photography, Composition by Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer – Fukko)
  • Monbetsu Drift Ice Adventure 5 – “Kaisen Shushoku Rin”

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Fumiko Magota