Please share this beautiful view of Hokkaido!

Please share this beautiful view of Hokkaido! 
The bubbles trapped in the pitch black ice of Nukabira Lake make for a fascinating sight. 
This picture, showing this year’s winter scenery, was taken at Nukabira Lake in Daisetsu National Park. There are as many as ten hot spring hotels nearby that get their water from the Nukabira spring. It seems that air from the springs comes up through the bottom of the lake and gets trapped in the ice on its way to the surface, making the ground under your feet into something really beautiful. What makes it even more of a spectacle is that the mesmerizing sight of the ice has enticed numerous visitors to lie belly-down on the very cold ice to take pictures. 
Only a few days ago we were marveling at the way the snow so easily hides the lake, but it seems the air coming up through the expansive ice causes the snow to disappear quickly.
With a place like this, looking at your feet has never been so full of discovery. 


Location: Hokkaido, Kamishihoro-cho, Nukabira 
(Photographer : Ryoji Iwasaki