Pacific Herring

★ For live fishing broadcast from Higashi Shakotan, click here →
At the end of the 19th century, one million tons of Pacific Herring were caught. From Ishikari to the Shakotan Penninsula, luxurious fisherman houses lined the coast to the extent that the area was nicknamed the Herring Court. 
However, there has been a dramatic drop in herring hauls since resources have been so depleted. After the second World War, there was almost no herring available. Thanks to conservation efforts however started at the beginning of the 21st century, the populations have started to come back. Shipments of herring and flounder are now being sent all over Japan from the docks of Higashi Shakotan. This is a picture of the rarely seen raw herring with roe, which are both really delicious with just a little bit of flavor or even grilled. Check out the live broadcast, feel the atmosphere on the docks and then give some local herring a try! 
( Hokkaido Likers Writer at Seat – Kawase )