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Castanet - Long Lasting Products" - Part 2!

Today Castanet-chan will introduce even more cute souvenirs for you to enjoy!
"Konichiwa" Hokkaido Likers readers!
It's me again, Castanet!
It's been so cold here in Hokkaido recently, have you all been staying warm?
Thanks so much for all your great comments and likes last time☆
Hehehe, they made me so happy!
Today I'd like to start out by introducing you to the person who created this shop!
My favorite woman in the world, Ms. Nasu♫
She loves creating products that people can use everyday and if you ever visit the shop you can be sure you'll find her smiling as she works☆
Today I'm going to show you some fantastic foods you can find at the shop☆
So let's start with this! Tadaa!
Hmmm...That looks a little bit like a Jiangshi (or Chinese vampire).
Maybe this picture is better...
『Seaweed and Tomato Rice Topping』
This product started out as "Seaweed Rice Topper" a product made by Organic Kelp in Hakodate.
After she saw the product, Ms. Nasu thought that it needed some color, and went with red tomatoes!
It's a collaboration between the ocean and the mountains☆
It was created after some rigorous taste-testing by neighbors and regulars to the shop!
The taste is great and has no additives!
I eat it every morning with my breakfast☆
When my friends come to visit I sometimes mix it with cream cheese to make spread, or mix it with mayonnaise to make a salad dressing♫
Here's the next product♫
『Black Bean and Kelp Tea』
This is made by Organic Kelp too, and has roasted black beans from Matsuya Farm in Higashikawa and square-cut organic kelp from the suburbs of Hakodate☆
You can use the tea to flavor rice or in other dishes after you've boiled the tea!
The blue can is really cute too!
Ms. Nasu loves collecting cans so she's really good at designing them and picking the perfect color.
Here's the last product for today☆
『Castanet 16th Anniversary Original Blend』
To celebrate the shop's 16th anniversary Ishida Coffee Shop created a special blend just for us!
The taste is just what Ms. Nasu likes, and it's mild enough that I can even drink it black♫
But if the taste is too strong for you don't worry, we can add some of our "Original Coffee Milk" to it for you♫
If you like to drink coffee on the go, we have some tumblers that are really cute too☆
I hope I've been able to show you a little bit of the charm of our shop!
There are tons of other great products here at the shop, so please stop by if you have the time☆
I'll be waiting for you to drop in for a visit♫♫
I hope to see you soon☆
castanet~ながくつかえるものたち~ (Castanet - Long Lasting Products)
Rearize Odori 1F, 1-13 Odori Nishi 17-Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL・FAX: 011-640-5225
Closed Mondays and the first and third Tuesdays of the month.
Hours of Operation: 11:30-8:00
Parking available.
(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Megane)
  • Castanet - Long Lasting Products" - Part 2!

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Minako Takada