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Fun in the Snow Event! - Hitsujigaoka Snow Park

The Sapporo Snow Festival has come to and end, but there’s still fun snow events being held int he city.  One is the Yuki Asobi Event being held by the statue of Dr. Clark in Hitsujigaoka Park.  The event will continue until Sunday, March 3. 
One activity available is snow rafting (500 Yen).  A snow mobile pull you as along a 200m course, as you ride in a rubber raft.  You’re pulled quite fast, so they lend you a helmet and gloves.   On such a wild ride, don’t be surprised if you hear riders yelling excitedly as they are pulled through the snow field. 
With Hokkaido’s characteristic white birch trees all around us, the scenery was really beautiful.  Who know you could have such a refreshing play in the snow just 30 minutes from the heard of Sapporo city?  It’s fun for both children and adults alike. 
※ For safety reasons of both people and equipment, taking pictures is not permitted inside the boat, but for this I was granted special permission. 
There is also free rental for cross-country skis.  There are sizes for both children and adults.   You don’t have to worry about looking like an expert skier with your form or dress, just take your time and enjoy the view of the surrounding city while you ski at your own pace. 
For kids, I recommend trying the tube sledding or even making snow some mini snowmen. 
The weather can change easily so make sure you dress in layers, preparing for both warmer and colder weather.  Don’t forget to bring gloves! 
After a play in the snow, how about a visit to the souvenir shop in the Australian Pavilion?  They have many signature Hokkaido goods, but also one thing that has become popular only recently. 
The mascot for Jingisu Kan (Genghis Khan - a specialty of Hokkaido - is barbequed lamb with vegetables), Jin kun.   
When you see Jin kun, even if you have sizzling lamb on the grill in front of you, you might think “Is this really good???”  It’s a little surreal.  I bought a clear folder with Jin kun on it.  In addition to all of the Jin kun goods, there are a lot of other cute souvenirs as well.
If you are to go by public transportation from Sapporo City, you can take the Toho line from Sapporo or Odori stations to Fukuzumi station.  From Fukuzumi, there is a bus to take you to the park, which will take about 10 minutes.  To make sure you can catch a bus connection without too much of a wait, expect that it will take you about 30 minutes from the center of Sapporo.  There is an admission fee to go to the observatory, but this is a great place to spend a day in the snow.  When you get hungry, you can eat Jingisu Kan (BBQ meat) in one of the nearby restaurants.  There is also a café.  Even if you’re from Sapporo, I recommend making some time for this event.
Hitsujigaoka Park
Event open until March 3 (Sun.)
10:00 – 15:00 (Observatory open until 17:00)
For more details, visit the site below.
( Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer – Eri Makino
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  • Fun in the Snow Event! - Hitsujigaoka Snow Park

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