"Ribbon-chan Caramel Quiz Answer" - Ready for the answer to the question from the last article?

In our recent article on the Ribbon-chan caramel candy I asked you readers to answer the question: What's different about the Ribbon-chan character on the caramel box and why?
Here's the original article for those of you who missed it. Be sure to try and figure it out before you scroll down!
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"Ribbon-chan Caramel - Ribbon Napolin Flavor"
The taste of Hokkaido's Ribbon Napolin in a new caramel candy!
Here is the Ribbon-chan from the carbonated drink that Hokkaido natives grew up with. As you can see, here she is posed drinking the soda.
But on the new "Ribbon-chan Caramel - Ribbon Napolin Flavor" package her cheeks are puffed out because she is enjoying the new caramel treat!
Let us know if you figure it out by commenting below!
If you're a fan of the drink you'll love the new caramel version! For those of you who are new to the product, be sure to check them both out!
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