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Royce’ Chocolate World Win that special someone’s heart with special limited chocolate from Shin Chitose Airport

Valentine’s Day may be over, but why not extend the holiday a bit with some special chocolate from Royce’ Chocolate World?  There’s chocolate here that you can’t find anywhere else.  It’s certainly worth the trip. 
When you talk about Royce’, most people think of their signature Nama Chocolate and Potato Chip Chocolate.  But do you know what’s in store for visitors to Royce’ Chocolate World at Hokkaido’s gateway, Shin Chitose Airport?
With lettering like chocolate sprinkles, Royce’ Chocolate World is marked with a large chocolate bar billboard.  Entrance is free and there are three zones to this Chocolate World:  the shop, the museum, and the factory.  There’s so much to see!
At the museum, you can learn about the history of chocolate and the world of chocolate, including chocolate labels and a can collection.   The exhibition is really fascinating.  Learning so much about the cacao beans while shopping for chocolate souvenirs might make this place even more popular.  
▲ Learning about the history of chocolate
At the factory, you can watch the process of making chocolate through a glass window.  You’ll have to be careful if you stop to watch this; it’s so fascinating, you might miss the boarding call for your flight! 
▲ It’s hard to look away, the factory just grabs your attention.
Of course, one place you can’t miss is the shop.  There you’ll find products available only at the Shin Chitose Airport – you won’t find them in souvenir shops around Hokkaido or even in the Royce’ company store.
▲ One example is this:  Royce’ Chocolate Pops.  These cute pops show the characteristic animals of Hokkaido: deer, bears, cows, and horses.
▲ Aren’t the Royce’ Flower Chocolates nice?  They are all flowers found in Hokkaido: lily of the valley, lilac, cherry blossom, and sunflowers.  
▲ The Chocolate Parfait.   A thinly baked waffle cone decorated with a variety of chocolates.  It’s almost too cute to eat!
▲Shin Chitose Airport assortment of limited goods - the Chocolate World Set.  
For Valentine’s day the shop even produced a limited selection of Royce’ Berry Heart Chocolates - raspberry flavored chocolate hearts loaded with strawberry, mango, cashews, and milk chocolate pieces on top.
▲ Specialty products like these are only produced in a limited quanity, so they sell out quickly.  Be sure to visit the shop early to make sure you get one!
It’s always fine to pick out chocolates at specialty shops and departments stores, but if you come to Hokkaido, this is a place not to be missed!  If you missed your chance on Valentines day, you can surely still win the heart of that special someone with chocolate from Royce’ Chocolate World. 
Good luck, girls!
■ Royce’ Chocolate World
Location/ Chitose City Bibi, Shin Chitose Airport Terminal Building 3F
● Hours:9:00-20:00 (※ Factory: 10:00~17:00)
※ Hours may change at certain times
■ Royce’ Factory
( Hokkaido Likers Writer – Chiba Takako )
(All photography property of Royce’ Confections Inc. (株式会社ロイズコンフェクト))
  • Royce’ Chocolate World Win that special someone’s heart with special limited chocolate from Shin Chitose Airport