"Ribbon-chan Caramel - Ribbon Napolin Flavor" - The taste of Hokkaido's Ribbon Napolin in a new caramel candy!

Have you ever heard of the popular character Ribbon-chan before? She was featured in many popular commercials back in the Showa Era?
The carbonated drink "Ribbon Napolin" is a popular beverage sold only here in Hokkaido. The character that adorns the label is the cute girl Ribbon-chan and she absolutely loves Hokkaido.
Now it seems that this old beverage is getting a new style! I'd like to introduce you to the caramel candy version of Ribbon Napolin.
The package features Ribbon-chan and her doggy pal "Citron." The color has a refreshing feel to it and makes the candy hard to miss on the shelf!
So how does the caramel taste?
When I tried my first bite I was surprised to find that there was almost no smell. But as soon as I popped it in my mouth the delicious carbonated flavor hit me. I spoke with a representative from the manufacturer Dosan Foods to talk about their new product. ("Dosan" means Southern Hokkaido)
"We had many trial runs to get the product right, trying different colors, flavors, and so on. It's based off of a carbonated drink so we had to get the texture just right as well."
If you've seen the Ribbon-chan drink before, than perhaps you've noticed that there is something a bit different about her on this package. If you've never seen the character before I encourage you to do a little research and check out the packaging on other products. (You can check the link below.)
I want to know if you readers can figure out: What's different about the Ribbon-chan character on the caramel box and why?
Leave a comment below and see if you can figure it out! I'll be back with the answer in a few days.
For inquiries about "Ribbon-chan Caramel - Ribbon Napolin Flavor" contact:
● 道南食品㈱ (Donan Foods)
TEL : 0138-51-7187
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
※ All photographs provided by Donan Foods.