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Ezo Rina: A Café Photo Exhibit

The photography of Hideki Kubo, a Sapporo-based photographer, can be seen at his current exhibition, Ezo Rina: The Tiny Protectors of Maruyama, which opened on February 1.  ‘Ezo Rina’ refers to the name of Hokkaido’s native squirrel – the “ezo risu.”  At this exhibition, you can see a large selection of the photos Kubo san has taken of the sweet squirrels that inhabit the quiet forests of Maruyama. 
▲ Here is a wall photo of an Ezo Risu, or Hokkaido Squirrel ( Photograph by Hideki Kubo )
▲ After diving beneath the snow to dig out walnuts, this squirrel’s face is covered in snow.  ( Photograph by Hideki Kubo )
▲ Indeed it seems Kubo san, with his warm smiling face, is quite the animal lover. 
One characteristic of Mr. Kubo’s photography is that many of his pictures are so close to the squirrels, that you can practically hear them breathing.  With a variety of views and the appearance of eye contact, it’s almost as if the squirrels are talking to you.
“When you talk about photographing animals, I think most people assume it’s with a telephoto lens, but I only use a single focal-length, 60 mm macro lens,” said Kubo san.
Without a macro zoom on his lens, Kubo san had to take these pictures by getting as close as possible.  How was he able to approach the squirrels and get so close?!
“Of course, you have to enjoy inching in, getting close to the squirrels little by little.   But you get used to it and you learn to wait quietly,” said Kubo san. 
Speaking of getting close, you’ll notice you can see Kubo san’s reflection in the eyes of the squirrel in the picture below. 
▲ “Taking this picture left me feeling a deep sense of accomplishment,” said Kubo san.  ( Photograph by Hideki Kubo )
Another unique feature of this exhibit is that it is being held in a café.  With pictures here and there, displayed throughout the café, you might even feel as if you are drinking your tea in a forest.
▲ They’re even on tables too! ( Photograph by Hideki Kubo )
▲ There are post cards and photos for sale as well.  2L prints (127 x 178 mm) are available for 3,000 Yen each.  For those that would like to purchase one but are not able to attend the exhibition should send an email to st-pad@digi-pad.jp
There’s even a small food menu available for the exhibition.
▲ The silhouette of the squirrel chasing after walnuts in a snowfield was traced from one of Kubo san’s photos.
The exhibit is sure to satisfy those who like the Ezo Risu.  If you can, you should certainly make the trip to see it. 
( Photograph by Hideki Kubo )
( Photograph by Hideki Kubo )
( Photograph by Hideki Kubo )
[ Hideki Kubo Photo Exhibition, Ezo Rina: The Tiny Protectors of Maruyama ]
(久保ヒデキ写真展 円山の小さな守り神エゾリーナ)
When:February 1- March 3
Venue:Café & Space Kunka Kunka
Address:札幌市中央区南7条西25丁目8の1 華裳ビル1F
              ( Next to the Asahigaoka Seiyu parking lot )
Phone :011・530・1770
Hours :11:00 - 21:00
Closed on Wednesdays
( Research, Photography, Composition by Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer – FUKKO )
  • Ezo Rina: A Café Photo Exhibit

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Fumiko Magota