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Release | Takako Chiba

"Torori" These wooden "water-droplets" make a wonderful addition to any outfit.

This beautiful collection of jewelry features wood crafted into the shape of water droplets. A simple yet elegant accessory made with wood from right here in Hokkaido.
The design replicates the image of water droplets dripping from the leaves of trees in the deep Hokkaido forests. Whether it be the dew of a cold summer morning, or melting snow in winter, this collection is perfect for any season.
Today I'd like to tell you a bit about these romantic pieces, and where you can find them.
This series was given the name "Torori" by creator Miki Ogasawara of the Hikuidori studio. She was the person who originated the idea of creating a wooden piece in the shape of a water droplet.
"I've found that there are many people who use accessories in place of charms or amulets. (A largely popular item here in Japan.) When they do this, they place a deeper meaning on the item, a wish or a memory, which is where I derived the name and shape of the item." (In Japanese 'torokeu' means to enchant or charm, as well as to melt, so the name 'torori' is a kind of play on words.)
▲ "I wanted to allow wearers to place their own wishes or memories onto the item, it can be something as simple as the desire to communicate better with others." explained creator Ogasawara.
To create a "Torori" drop, first a small square of wood is machine cut out of a larger piece and a general drop shape is carved out. The rest of the process is carried out by hand, each drop being crafted one by one.
"We make more than just these drops, but if we're really concentrating on making them we can create about 150 per month."
▲ Mrs. Ogasawara began creating wooden accessories while working in a furniture plant when she began thinking of ways that that the wood wasted in the furniture construction process could be put to better use.
Just looking at the drops in pictures you might think that they're a bit heavy, but when you handle them yourself you'll be surprised to find how light they are. So for those that get a stiff neck from heavy jewelry these necklaces are perfect!
The shape and appearance of the drops make them a natural choice for women but if you just put one on a necklace they are actually quite fashionable for men as well. For whoever chooses to wear them, you can be sure that they stay in style all year round.
▲ The "Hikuidori" company was started after the owner caught a glimpse of the rare bird. The idea of creating accessories with a unique appearance became the goal of the company.
For those of you beginning a new phase in life, be it a new job or a new year in school, these droplets will make the perfect charm! They also make a great present for friends.
If you're looking for a unique piece of jewelry than be sure to check out the links below (in Japanese) to find out more!
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(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
(All photographs provided by Hikuidori)
  • "Torori" These wooden "water-droplets" make a wonderful addition to any outfit.

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