“Coming to you live from a fishing boat!” Brought to you by Hokkaido Liker’s wild writer at sea.

Hello everyone.  My name is Kawase and I am Hokkaido Liker’s writer at sea.  I’m looking forward to sharing my Hokkaido adventures with you all.
As you know, Hokkaido is famous for its severe weather.  But that won’t stop us from having some really delicious seafood this season, and that’s what I want to show you today.  Rather than catching the fish and then showing you, I wanted to make the best use of time and report directly from the ship!  My mission was to show you where and how the fish are caught, as they are being caught!
I wanted to show you the freshly caught scallops and shrimp, still splashing and flying about as the came aboard the ship.  What’s great is that there’s now a groundbreaking new project that allows viewers to place an immediate order for the fish that are caught.  
Check out the site – Torutokomite http://bit.ly/Ulo5Pj
It’s worth noting the extreme conditions and hardships the fishermen work through for their catches.  Seeing the fishermen work in sub-zero temperatures for hours on end makes the deliciousness of the fish that much better, as we can truly appreciate the fishermen’s work.   After the broadcast, we arrived safe and sound back at the dock with the day’s catch.  There is no market or shop for these fish, just the Torutokomite site. 
“Rawness” is a point of pride for these fishermen.  We braved the waters of Hokkaido even in the middle of winter.  Leaving so early in the morning, we were able to see the mountains of Shiretoko and Kunashir Island (the southernmost island of the Kuril Islands).  With such brilliant scenery, this was a trip well worth making.
On Wednesday, January 16, we headed to the Notsuke Penninsula (in the strait between Russia and Japan) for jumbo scallops.
( Hokkaido Likers Writer at Sea - 川瀬邦人 )