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Asahikawa Craft Fair - Come see a collection of fine wood craftwork from around Asahikawa.

Some of you might know that Asahikawa is sometimes called the "city of trees," but have you ever had a chance to see the wood craft produced by local artists?
Before we get to that, let me introduce the Asahikawa furniture maker "Conde House."
The high quality and sophisticated design of their goods have made them quite popular throughout Japan. There are several shops located in Sapporo as well.
Naturally their shops feature various goods which help compliment their furniture when decorating the room.
Each accessory is crafted to take full advantage of the grain of each individual piece of wood.
Just seeing the beauty of this wood work made me want to work in interior design!
Conde House's concept is "high quality, easy to use items that you won't get tired of."
These three points are the main reason why their goods have become known as long lasting, quality products. Even though Asahikawa isn't a large city the quality of work that comes out of the area is top notch. Conde House has the support of many young designers from the local area, as well as some abroad, and today I'd like to highlight the "Asahikawa Craft Fair" being held in Sapporo which is a collaborative event between Conde House and many local Asahikawa artists.
The "fox in a snowy field" motif of this work is a great representation of the Hokkaido spirit.
The warm colors of the wood used provide quite a peaceful atmosphere, however the many works your will be able to see at the fair are full of spirit and energy. The feelings put into these works exemplify the care the artists use when working with this valuable limited resource.
If you do visit be sure to handle these works yourself. The feel of the wood is another part of the appeal. You're able to feel the long lasting quality of each work, and perhaps might be convinced to take it home with you. If you have the chance, be sure to stop by the fair, I'm sure you'll find at least one item that will take your breath away.
Asahikawa Craft Fair
Location : Conde House Dou-Ou, 1-15 Kita 13-Jyo Higashi 1-Chome, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
TEL : 011-743-4445
Event Times: January 26th to February 24th from 11:00 to 6:30. (Closed on Wednesdays.)

Conde House Homepage : http://www.condehouse.co.jp/?lang=en

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/condehouse (Japanese)
Conde House Tokyo Homepage: http://www.condehouse.co.jp/shop/tokyo/ (Japanese)
Interior Gallery Ippon Homepage: http://www.ippon-gallery.com/ (Japanese)
(Hokkaido Likers Editorial Department - Eri)
(Photographs provided by Eri and  ㈱カンディハウス)
  • Asahikawa Craft Fair - Come see a collection of fine wood craftwork from around Asahikawa.