"Shiraoi Burgers and Bagels" - A shop with 30 kinds of specialty burgers!?

Have you ever heard of Shiraoi before? Located between the mountains and the sea it is a fairly inconspicuous place, but it has some of the best food in Hokkaido! This idyllic town is located between Noboribetsu and Tomakomai, which are famous for their hot springs.
Today I'd like to introduce some of the delicious burgers you can enjoy in Shiraoi Town. There are about 30 kinds of burgers to try, which can be found at the ten different burger restaurants in town. Naturally I'd love to talk about all of them, but for today I'll limit my selection to just a few of the tastiest choices. To help in my selection I've consulted the records from the "Hokkaido Local Burger Grand Prix" contest held at Iwamizawa's Doka Snow Festival. This event brings together original burgers from across Hokkaido to be pitted against each other in a taste-test. 
First is the "Shiraoi Japanese Beef Burger" from Nanakamado. (2-17 2-Chome, Omachi, Shiraoi) The buns are a major selling point with their slightly green tinge. This coloring comes from the special ingredient wormwood, picked from the mountains and aged one year before use. Onto these pan fried buns is placed a juicy Shiraoi beef patty, which is slathered with teriyaki sauce to give it a Japanese flavor. The creator of this burger is a big fan of his home town, so nearly 100% of the ingredients used are local Shiraoi products.
Next up is the "Shiraoi Beef Stew Burger" from Restaurant Ookina Ki, located right next to Shiraoi Station. The stew is first made with neck meat from Shiraoi beef, the sinew and skin is removed and the soft quality of Shiraoi beef is doubled after being thoroughly boiled. The beef is then placed on a bagel, along with tomatoes and other burger toppings, where it is ready to be enjoyed. The taste is melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and the tender meat surely helps magnify that feeling. This bagel-burger is the result of trial and error. A soft hamburger bun doesn't combine well with this soft meat, so a bagel is used to really give the eater something to chomp down on. Affordable and delicious, this truly is a delicious meal.
Last we have the "A-Grade Gourmet Cheeseburger" from Uemura Ranch. (109-20 Ishiyama, Shiraoi) We've written about Uemura Ranch's insanely popular beef jerky before, but today let's talk about their delicious cheeseburgers. Using a pure 100% Shiraoi beef patty, no filler at all, this burger is topped with onions, lettuce, and tomato grown in the ranch's own "salad garden." With all the ingredients cared for by the same staff, this is truly a unique burger! Because the meat contains no filler it has to be cooked over low flame so as not to fall apart. 40-day aged provolone cheese is then placed on top of the patty where it melts mouth-wateringly down the sides of the burger.
Shiraoi Burgers and Bagels are all made with primarily Shiraoi products and the buns, which contain Hokkaido grown wheat, are made in a factory located in town. They also have burgers which feature patties made from some of Shiraoi's seafood items available for purchase. For you burger lovers, be sure to stop by Shiraoi to try a few of the many kinds of unique burgers available!
白老バーガー&ベーグル(B&B)研究会 (Shiraoi Burgers and Bagels)
WEB: http://www.shiraoi.net/B&;B/ (Japanese)
(Hokkaido LIkers Photo Writer - Iwasaki