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Release | Minako Takada

"Castanet - Long Lasting Products" - Today Castanet-chan will be introducing some cute souvenirs!

"Konichiwa" Hokkaido Likers readers!
I'm Castanet, the yellow bear!
It's nice to meet you☆
Today I'd like to introduce you to "Castanet - Long Lasting Products" where I work as a mascot♫
Our products are a must-have for anyone looking for cute Hokkaido souvenirs!
First, let me tell you about the store♪
It all started out with a shop called POP, where incredibly cute original goods were sold. Pretty soon after opening, many locals and even more tourists were coming in to shop!
About 15 years after opening, the shop began to focus on making better use of my charms and also began to expand. The raw materials used to make products were always top rate, meaning that the goods would last a long time, not to mention how cute and stylish they were. Soon, with a focus on souvenirs, the shop began making custom "castanet" items, the only ones like them in Hokkaido!
Here's a look at the inside of the shop!
Now I'd like to give you my top choices from the many products we sell♫
First, the "Castanet-chan's Hokkaido Dialect Course Towel!!"
There are tons of words on here that can only be found in Hokkaido!
If you that can't read Japanese, this also makes a great study tool!
This towel is dyed using an old-fashioned method, giving it a really unique look!
The longer you use it the more charming it gets!
There are tons of other really cute designs available!
It's really hard to pick a favorite...☆
Next is our original round spatula♫
This was made by the craftsman at workshop "Oke Craft" in Oketo.
There's a "Castanet" icon branded in the handle☆
Of course it's light and thin, but the curve at the end makes it really easy to use!
There's also a left-hander's model available, which really surprises most of our left-handed customers!!
Our store is the only place in Sapporo where you can see work from the "Oke Craft" workshop, so stop by and take a look♫
Today we've set up a display of kids "Oke Craft" goods for the mothers that come in to shop! ☆
The final thing I'd like to introduce is our Hokkaido Eco Bag~♫
Just like on the bag, I really love soup curry and melon.
I get so excited that I start speaking in a Hokkaido dialect without even realizing it!
It's also great for carrying all the other souvenirs you've picked up in Hokkaido!
I always make sure to take it with me whenever I go shopping☆
There are so many more things I want to tell you about!
Next time I'll tell you more about some of the food items we have in the store!
Until next time! ☆
castanet~ながくつかえるものたち~ (Castanet - Long Lasting Products)
Rearize Odori 1F, 1-13 Odori Nishi 17-Chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL・FAX: 011-640-5225
Closed Mondays and the first and third Tuesdays of the month.
Hours of Operation: 11:30-8:00
Parking available.
(Hokkaido LIkers Photo Writer - Megane)
  • "Castanet - Long Lasting Products" - Today Castanet-chan will be introducing some cute souvenirs!

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Minako Takada