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"Brown Bear Jeans" - Hokkaido's own jeans.

The "Brown Bear" series jeans have been produced for and exclusively sold in Hokkaido.
The representative for this product in Hokkaido is called 'OFFICE FOR'. I talked with the company a little about their product.
These were first produced for the Hokkaido region about five years ago. Using a bear on the logo is typical in Hokkaido, as the bear is an adopted symbol of Hokkaido from the Ainu culture. (Usually the bear holds a fish in its mouth. This has been replaced with a pair of jeans for the logo.)
▲ Bear series jeans have been made for about five years.
The jeans are made in Japan in an area called 'Kojima', located near Hiroshima, which is known for producing jeans and school uniforms. The company producing the jeans wanted to create a special product just for the Hokkaido region.
▲ Several different names were thought about but the brown bear was something uniquely Hokkaido.
The basic style has a buckle cinch at the back of the jeans and only thick, good quality denim is used to make the jeans, making them both stylish, practical and tough.
There is a small, cute label on the back near the pocket.
The stitching on the back pocket is designed to be representative of the scratch marks left by a bears claw.
Inside the jeans the pocket linings were produced in bright yellow. This is reminiscent of  a famous movie called "The Happy Yellow Handkerchief" which was produced in Hokkaido. The lining also helps to reinforce the pocket so that even with many years of putting your wallet in and taking it out of your back pocket the jeans will not fray.
▲ The inside pocket linings. The bright color is both stylish and fun.
▲ The back pockets are also lined.
▲ The hems are all professionally chain stitched. Both stylish and strong.
'Cinch-back' type jeans are an inspiration from the 1940s to 1950s. This adds some unique design elements to the jeans but is also very practical in helping to adjust the jeans to just the right fit.
▲ A perfect fit can be found by using the cinch at the back.
▲ The triple stitching is both strong and stylish as the thread color alternates.
▲ Two types of jeans are in their fifth production year.
There is actually an online (email) order process. English website. Please use the link below.
Planning and Sales
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
  • "Brown Bear Jeans" - Hokkaido's own jeans.

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