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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Paper Wood” A Hokkaido Treasure - Great for gifts!

Located in the heart of Hokkaido, next to Furano, is Ashibetsu, where I visited the Yoshioka workshop.  This workshop has been in operation for over 40 years and is home to Paper Wood crafts, which are hand-crafted goods made with wood from the neighboring Takizawa Veneer workshop.
Paper Wood products are made with veneer from mature shina (linden) and birch woods, pressed with recycled paper.  The cross-section of the wood exposes the colorful layers, making it really beautiful. Winner of the 2010 Good Design Award, Paper Wood products take advantage of this beautiful cross-section, giving the stylish design a sense of warmth.
▲ Paper Wood Grip Car Series (2,940 Yen)
Since these products are meant for children, they are designed to be easy to grip.  They also come equipped with very smooth-moving wheels made entirely by hand.
▲ Paper Wood iPhone case (9,450 Yen *Bottom case is not Paper Wood)Tray (4,750 Yen) Coasters (1,575 Yen / 1 Pair)
Today’s products originated with the workshop’s second generation designer, Shigeto Yoshioka, a man well-known for his polite disposition and fine craftsmanship. He lived and worked in Tokyo and Paris, and even participated in New York exhibitions, gaining extensive experience.
He eventually returned to Hokkaido.  In part because when he had kids, he wanted raise them in an environment rich in nature.  But he also wanted to create something that he felt proud to make.
▲”We’re committed to a design that can be appreciated simply for its beauty, but also something that can be useful,”  said Yoshioka san.
Another product, which will only be available through direct purchase, is the popular, “safe and sound” Milcar Series, made from Hokkaido alder wood.  
▲Elephant (5,145 Yen) Excluding the previously mentioned Grip Car, all vehicles in this picture are from the Milcar Series. 
These colorful Hokkaido crafts make the perfect gifts for loved ones!
To order, see telephone and homepage information below.
Kobo Yoshioka
Address: Ashibetsu N. 1 E. 2
Phone: 0124-22-5578
( Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer – Fukko )
( Photography by Isao Kawamura )
  • “Paper Wood” A Hokkaido Treasure - Great for gifts!

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Fumiko Magota