Sapporo Snow Festival

"The 64th Sapporo Snow Festival" model has been released and can be viewed at The event will be held for two weeks starting on February 5th.
The Snow Festival is held at several locations around Sapporo. This year's theme is "The Myth of the Journey to Ise". This is a celebration of for the Ise Shrine which has special significance every 20 years. There will be approximately 214 sculptures. The Susukino area will hold ice-sculptures with Oodori and other areas having snow sculptures.
The Oodori area is home to particularly large sculptures. Some of them measuring approximately 15m high, 20m deep and, 25m wide. During the construction period (starting January, 7th) some 3,500, 5ton trucks will bring snow to the Oodori area to build the sculptures. 
This is a picture of the clay model which will be built. The fine detail in the model is quite amazing. The festival attracts huge numbers of visitors and we would love to see you there too!
(Hokkaido Likers Writer -Eri Makino)
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