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Release | Takako Chiba

"Cowkey's Cookies" - The texture of these cookies is an entirely new sensation!

When I first heard of Cowkey's unique "Raw Cookies" I imagined they would taste like a wet rice cracker. Boy was I wrong!
These "raw" cookies are made with the desire to give eaters a taste of Hokkaido, and to do that they are made from flour, eggs, butter, and salt right from Hokkaido. These cookies are handmade, each is allowed to rise for 10 days in a negative ion space and then baked in an oven.
▲ This unique "raw" cookie was created when the shop's owner made a mistake while making cheesecake. The mistake was caught after baking, but he didn't want to waste food so he had a bite. The taste was great, and was soon a hit with the staff.
▲ Photo by Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba
The typical texture of a cookie is perhaps a bit crunchy, but these "raw" cookies are nice a moist. When broken in half, rather than snapping apart they smoothly separate down the middle, the texture is more like a pound cake than a cookie. The taste of butter is rich, and the smell is wonderful.
The flavors currently available are "Fresh and Thick," "Caramel Cashew Chunk," "Macadamia Chocolate Chunk," and "Creamy White Chocolate Chunk."
The sweetness of all these cookies is slightly subdued, so while they work as a nice snack, they taste especially well with wine or whiskey. These cookies truly pack an adult flavor.
Up until this year Cowkey's has only sold their products through mail order or at events across the country, but in September they opened up a shop in Sapporo. There is even a cafe corner in the shop where you can watch the cookies being made while you enjoy eating them.
▲ The interior of the new store is designed to feel like a barn and features fun barn-inspired "hay" display cases as well as lights designed to imitate splashing milk.
My recommendation to all Hokkaido Likers that visit the shop is the "Shortcake Cookies." Three strawberry "raw" cookies packaged in a shortcake-like box.
▲ This package is great. With seven packages you can make a whole shortcake!
These Hokkaido "raw" cookies taste great, come in fantastic packages, and make perfect presents for friends!
● COWKEY'S on facebook
● Contact Info
TEL : 0120-590-506
■ Hours of Operation: 9:00-5:00
■ Closed on weekends.
● COWKEY’S COOKIES Maruyama Shop
1-23, Minami 1-jyo Nishi 21-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
TEL : 011-215-6881
■ Hours of Operation: 11:00-8:00(Last Order at 7:30)
■ Irregular holidays.
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
(All photographs provided by COWKEY’S COOKIES)
  • "Cowkey's Cookies" - The texture of these cookies is an entirely new sensation!

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