"Matsumae Tuna" - Part Two: Enjoying three different dishes of Matsumae Tuna!! The "Sanshoku Rice Bowls"

The fisherman at Matsumae Sakura Fishery may have said that sashimi was the best way to enjoy their tuna, but I'd like to show you another Matsumae tuna dish that really offers a wide variety of flavors! I present the delicious "Sanshoku Rice Bowl." (Sanshoku is a Japanese term meaning "three colors" in this case it refers to three varieties of flavor.) 
This delicious dish is available at three locations in town, today I'll be talking about the type served at "Restaurant Yano." This restaurant is located on the first floor of "Yano Hot Spring Inn," a lovely Japanese style hotel run by Ms. Natsuko Sugimoto. As soon as I arrived I asked for a bowl!
"All the bowls contain bluefish tuna from Matsumae Fishery. We use it raw, baked, and steamed, creating three originally flavored rice bowls for our customers. The rice we use is 'Fukkurinko' rice, from Hokkaido and the dish is accompanied by miso soup made with Matsumae Seaweed. The whole thing comes with a side of pickled Matsumae squid and kelp," explained Ms. Sugimoto.
Let's go through the three flavors available at Yano restaurant.
First, raw tuna topped with grated yam. This sticky mixture of yam and tuna is exquisite!
Second, tuna flavored with soy sauce and cooking sake and then fried! Flavored with sweet and sour sauce, this dish has a bit of a Chinese flavor.
The third bowl was a bit of a surprise. A curry flavored tuna dish with a salad-like texture. The flavor reminded me of a tuna-mayonnaise mix, but the curry flavor gave the dish a fresh new flavor. It seems that "this dish is popular with children and adults alike!"
The Matsumae pickles, available as a garnish, are an original flavor created by the proprietress. The flavor sticks to an orthodox format as the dish is made with a simple recipe. The landlady has also created her own salty flavored Matsumae pickle recipe, and if you ask for it, she'll gladly serve it up.
The inn also puts on a special show where they prepare the tuna in front of you, from full fish to the platter. The restaurant usually has about five tuna available at any time, meaning you can you can enjoy the Sanshoku plate, a sashimi set, and many other dishes no matter when you come in. But if you do come all the way out here to visit, I definitely suggest trying the Sanshoku Rice Bowls first! Matsumae tuna provide a depth of flavor that's easy to enjoy.
● レストラン矢野(温泉旅館矢野)Restaurant Yano (Yano Hot Spring Inn)
http://www.matsumae-yano.com/ (Japanese)
Location: 123 Fukuyama, Matsumae-cho
TEL: 0139 42-2525
■ Hours of Operation : 11:00 - 10:00
■ Open every day.
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
(Photographs provided by 仙北慎次写真事務所プロボ 仙北慎次)