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Release | Chiaki Uzurahashi

"Restaurant Izumiya, Head Office" - Spaghetti Tonkatsu

If you ever find yourself in Kushiro with an empty stomach, there's a dish you should be sure to check out: the "Spaghetti Katsu" (Supa Katsu) from Restaurant Izumiya. I headed to the head office of the restaurant located in Kushiro near the Nusamai River bridge.
Spaghetti and one slice of "Tonkatsu" (a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet) are served up on a hot griddle and topped with a delicious meat sauce. When served, the "Super Katsu" makes a delicious sizzling sound as the sauce and noodles cook on the griddle.
▲ "Spaghetti Katsu" - 900 Yen.
The hot, thick meat sauce really coats the noodles in this dish, meaning every bite is delicious and sure to fill your belly. The noodles on the bottom of the dish are nice a crispy, but they're especially hot so be sure not to burn your mouth!
▲ The meat sauce is home-made, and the pork is Hokkaido raised.
I was able to sit down and speak with Mr. Shunichi Koizumi, the company president. Restaurant Izumiya was opened by his parents in 1959. In the old days the menu was limited to just 20 items made with spaghetti, which sold out very quickly. Another popular menu item was the tonkatsu, so one day they decided to try combing it with their spaghetti dish.
"We started serving the Super Katsu around 1960. The store at that time was made of wood and pretty cold. The dish was originally served on a normal plate, but we switched to the iron griddle so that it stayed warm until the last bite. That was the start. What we now serve as 'Spaghetti Katsu' used to be called 'Spaghetti Meat Sauce on Katsu.'"
▲ Restaurant Izumiya Representative, Director Shunichi Koizumi. (78) He worked in the kitchen until just two years ago.
This iron griddle spaghetti and pork dish has been gaining popularity and has recently made it on to the shops signs. Today, about 60 to 70 percent of customers that come in order the Spaghetti Katsu. If you're ever in the Kushiro area be sure to stop by for a bite!
● レストラン泉屋 本店 (Restaurant Izumiya, Head Office)
2-28 Suehiro, Kushiro
TEL : 0154-24-4611
Hours of Operation: 11:00-21:30
Closed on the first Tuesday of every month.
  •  "Restaurant Izumiya, Head Office" - Spaghetti Tonkatsu