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Everyday is Christmas at Hiroo Santaland! Surrounded by flowers and Christmas lights

Everyday is Christmas at “Hiroo Santaland” in Hiroo-Cho! 

There are facilities related to Santa Claus, such as Santa’s House, and it will be decorated with beautiful Christmas lights in the Christmas season. Hiroo Santaland is also known as the place to view flowers, with various flowers such as azaleas blooming from spring to autumn. 


Table of Contents

- 365 days, every day is Christmas here
- Hiroo Santaland is also a famous place to view flowers! Many colorful flowers bloom from spring to autumn
- Beautiful Christmas lights! Lights decorate the facility during winter
- Why is Santaland in Hiroo-Cho? 


365 days, every day is Christmas here

“Hiroo Santaland” is located close to the downtown of Hiroo-Cho, which is the southernmost town in the Tokachi Region. If you are visiting by car, it is approx. One hour from Tokachi Obihiro Airport and also approx. An hour from Cape Erimo. 

▲Street lamps in Hiroo-Cho are made into shapes related to Christmas. (Photo/Hokkaido Likers photo writer nobu Kawashima) 

The symbol zone of Santaland is in Omaruyama Forest Park, a park on the uphill in the property. There are Santa’s bell, Santa’s room, and Santa’s House, where they exhibit and sell various Christmas related goods. 

▲The boot-shaped Santa Gate at the entrance of Omaruyama Forest Park. (Photo/Hokkaido Likers photo writer nobu Kawashima)

These facilities are not limited to Christmas Seasons, and visitors can take a look inside and purchase presents throughout the year. There is a Christmas mood anytime you visit. 

▲“Santa’s House” (the triangle roof at the back) and “Santa’s Bell” (in the front). There is the monument of “sacred place for lovers” next to Santa’s Bell. 

▲You can look inside of “Santa’s Room” from the window. However, Santa Claus is often busy visiting children all around the world, and we rarely see him in the room. 

Christmas lights at snowy night are, of course, beautiful, but Christmas under bright suns and blooming flowers is also very nice. 


Hiroo Santaland is also a famous place to view flowers! Many colorful flowers bloom from spring to autumn

Omaruyama Forest Park is known to some people as a great place to view flowers. Various flowers bloom from spring to autumn. 

Among them, Ezoyama azaleas, which the best season is late May every year, are fantastic! They also host the “Hiroo Azalea Festival” in the blooming season. 

▲Approximately 12,000 trees of Ezoyama azaleas bloom! Isn’t it fascinating? 

Other than Ezoyama azaleas, Christmas roses, etc., also bloom and the park will be like a flower garden in this season. 

▲It is said that Christmas roses bloom in mid-winter at the Honshu Region, but it blooms in spring at Hiroo-Cho. 

There is also “Santa’s Hill,” the flower garden of approximately 20 kinds of perennial plants. You can get the view of the ocean from the top of the hill. Colorful flowers bloom from about July to September. 

▲Santa’s Hill is a perfect photo location. It would be very photogenic! 

If you take a picture here wearing Santa’s costume would make you feel like you’ve traveled to the southern hemisphere! 

There is also an area to scatter fireflies and a BBQ house. There are a lot of things to do other than viewing flowers here. 


Beautiful Christmas lights! Lights decorate the facility during winter

Flowers are, of course, beautiful, but Christmas lights in winter are amazing here! 

Every year, the facility will be decorated with Christmas lights and decorations from late October to December 31. Hiroo-Cho will completely turn into a Christmas mood during this period. 

▲The facility will be decorated with approximately 1,500,000 LED lights. 

They host “Hiroo Santaland Tree Lighting Ceremony” every year on the fourth Saturday of October. There will also be Christmas Markets and mini-concerts on the same day. 

▲The park is far from city lights, and the darkness makes a particular atmosphere to feel the warmth and brightness of lights. 

You will be able to experience a different kind of Christmas from the city at Hiroo Santaland, where people’s breath turns white. 

▲The stage in front of Santa’s House will also be lighted. 

Hiroo Santaland follows the tradition of Norway Santaland. They send Santa Mail with messages from Santa Claus, to many people. 

Sending a Christmas card with full of dreams to a special person from Hokkaido would be amazing. The due date to order Santa Mail is early December every year. Check out the official website if you are interested. 

▲Santa Mail (500 yen/letter, including the sending fee) *Above picture is 2018 Santa Mail. 

Hiroo Santaland also sends “Sapporo Factory” in Sapporo City, a real Christmas Tree every year. 

The gigantic Christmas Tree, an approximately 15 meters height Sakhalin fir, with beautiful decorations, appear in the atrium of Sapporo Factory. 
The lighting ceremony is early November at Sapporo Factory, and Christmas lights will turn on from 4 PM to 10 PM until December 25th every year. 

▲The gigantic Christmas Tree, an approximately 15 meters height Sakhalin fir, is sent from Hiroo-Cho. The music and lighting show plays every hour from 4 PM for about five minutes is also fantastic! (Photo/Hokkaido Likers writer Chiaki Uzurahashi)  


Why is Santaland in Hiroo-Cho?

By the way, why Santa Claus in Hiroo-Cho? Santa Claus is more familiar in more north, such as Scandinavia and Arctic. 

It started when “Seaside Park Hiroo Aquarium” and National Aquarium in the second largest city of Norway Bergen City established a sister association in 1980. 

Since then, Hiroo-Cho and Norway developed amicability relationships, and Hiroo-Cho noticed that Oslo City, the capital of Norway, was sending back Christmas cards to letters from children from all over the world to Santa Claus. 

Hiroo-Cho consulted with Oslo City that they wanted to tell about the activity to children in Japan, too. Then, the mayor of Oslo City at that time sent the certification of the first Santaland outside of Norway and the only Santaland in Japan in 1984. Hiroo Santaland was born like that. 

▲Hiroo Santaland is the center of Christmas and Santa Claus. There is various Santa Claus arts exhibited in Santa’s House. 

The basic principle that is printed on the certificate is “Love and peace, gratitude and dedication.”

Hiroo-Cho, the town of Santa Claus, is sending the message of “love and peace” to all over Japan by sending the symbol of peace Christmas trees and Santa Mail business. 

People might be calm if they visit Hiroo Santaland with many flowers and lights. Why don’t you visit this place, where people can experience Christmas 365 days, to ease your mind? 
  • Everyday is Christmas at Hiroo Santaland! Surrounded by flowers and Christmas lights