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Release | Chiaki Uzurahashi

"Kushiro Washo Market" - Let's go enjoy their famous "Katte Don!"

The historic Washo Market is a collection of over 60 shops located in a portside marketplace. If you mention Washo Market to any local they'll tell you about it's famous dish, the "Katte Don." This dish is quite unique. First, you purchase a bowl of rice, then walk the rows of shops selecting your favorite ingredients as toppings. Once you've finished shopping, you just sit down and enjoy your meal! I had to try it out for myself when I went to research this article.
▲ Here it is! As I walked the market I couldn't stop ordering, so it became quite the meal! All together the cost came to 2,700 Yen. I chose Budou Shrimp, Taraba Crab, Salmon Roe, and Pike for my meal.
Each shop has a unique selection of fish, and the prices vary, so the cost and taste you get is up to you! You can have a small amount of many different ingredients, or a large amount of a few ingredients.
▲ You can choose your rice bowl size, as well as some side dishes.
▲ The shop owners will gladly help you choose the fish that are currently in season in Kushiro.
The market is, of course, filled with a variety of fresh seafood, but on top of that you can enjoy fruits and vegetables, dried snacks, and many other delicacies. As you walk around the market something is sure to catch your eye.
▲ I visited during the peak of Salmon season. The boss of Satomura told me that beside fishing through the spring and summer seasons, he also works on developing the Kushiro brand "Tokishirazu."
▲ This crab looks delicious! The display in front of this shop had gathered quite the crowd.
My visit to Washo Market was a blast! If you're ever in the Kushiro area, why not stop by and create your own "Katte Don" while you're there?
● 釧路和商市場 (Kushiro Washo Market)
Homepage: http://www.washoichiba.com (Japanese)
13-25 Kurogane-cho, Kushiro-shi
TEL : 0154-22-3226
Hours of Operation : 8:00 - 18:00 (Depending on the season)
Closed on Sundays. (Occasionally open for special sales, 8:00 to 4:00)
  •  "Kushiro Washo Market" - Let's go enjoy their famous "Katte Don!"