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"Tare Katsu-Don" - Kunneppu Town - You won't be able to put your chopsticks down!

The small town of Kunneppu, population 5,523, is located next to Kitami City. There you can find a restaurant with a long history of success with it's delicious Tar Katsu-Don (Pork Cutlets on Rice with 'Tare' Sauce. 'Tare' sauce is a Japanese style sauce which is best described as a thickened soy sauce.) meal. For Hokkaido natives, the yellow-brown color of pork cutlet and egg which make up katsu-don are a normal site, but this meal is a completely different hue!
▲ Here it is: "Tare Katsu-Don!" This shot was taken at "Good Fortune Restaurant." 
This year marks the 63rd anniversary of the "Good Fortune Restaurant." When it first opened the shop based its development on customer feedback. Today, the great taste developed throughout the years remains popular under the direction of Mr. Bungo, the great-grandson of the restaurant's founder. He told us "Five years ago I took a look at the foods we used to make our food, and I decided to switch to all Hokkaido ingredients. It would be great to use more and more local products as time goes on!"
▲ 5th generation owner, Toishi Bungo. He holds the qualifications of Hokkaido Food Meister, giving him the know how to use Hokkaido grown ingredients to their fullest.
The pork cutlet used in the dish is "fit and lean, a perfect balance with the rice." The meat is tenderized to make it nice a juicy and the crispy coating on the cutlet has a delicious texture. The sauce poured, after the pork is complete, is a sweet soy sauce-based tare sauce. The flavor of the sauce goes well with both the meat and the rice, meaning you won't be able to stop until you've finished the last bite!
▲ The tare sauce is soy sauce-based, giving the dish a unique taste.
"We have many regulars who come in on their way home, they always tell me that 'this is true Kastu-Don!' I was also getting a lot of requests for takeout, so I've started selling lunch sets to-go." says Mr. Toishi.
▲ Here's the takeout meal.
While the restaurant makes sure to protect the classic flavor, they are also developing new dishes all the time. Recently, the "Kunneppurin" treat has become popular. (This is a pudding treat, its name is a play on words.) Released in May of this year, this delicious pudding is made from local eggs and beet sugar.
▲ "We are careful in our ingredient selection. The quality of our milk is particularly superb!" says Mr. Toishi. The smooth texture of the caramelized sugar also provides a wonderful scent to the pudding.
If you're ever in the area, please make sure to visit this tasty restaurant!
▲ The restaurant is located in a station building, the "Old Hometown Ginza Line," which was renovated in 2006. However, you can find the delicious Tare Katsu-Don dish at five or six spots in town.
〈お食事処福よし〉 (Good Fortune Restaurant)
Location: 37 Moto-machi, Kunneppu Town 訓子府町元町37
TEL : 0157-47-2057
Hours of Operation : 11:00 - 2:00,  5:00 - 9:00 (Last Order 8:30)
Closed on Sundays and Holidays.
Tare Katsu-Don - 750 Yen
Take-Out - 750 Yen
Kunnep"purin" - 300 Yen.
(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Fukko)
(Photography by Isao Kawamura)
  • "Tare Katsu-Don" - Kunneppu Town - You won't be able to put your chopsticks down!

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Fumiko Magota