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"Restaurant in a Rice Field" - Exquisite cuisine served with fresh field air.

“Restaurant in a Rice Field” is event in which chefs from famous restaurants load into an original "kitchen car" and prepare delicious meals in the strangest locations! Only two more events are being held this year, so be sure to register for a taste before it's too late!
The event has a simple premise. Local chefs head out to Co-op Sapporo Agricultural Award winning locations, such as rice fields or harbors, and cook up delicious lunches, in the "kitchen car," for event attendees to enjoy. The chefs chosen are specialists in the local products of the area, meaning they know how to take full advantage of the local ingredients.
Unlike the food available at their restaurants, at this event the ingredients are harvested and used on site, providing a fresh taste that is out of this world!
▲ The cows are right next to your table at this unique event.
▲ The rice fields and harbors used for this event undergo a massive makeover!
▲ Chefs try hard to make delicious meals using only local products.
▲ The meals created for the menu at each event are available for one day only. Because they are all special items, the taste is superb.
"Restaurant in a Rice Field," held it's first event in June, but there are only two dates left this year.
On October 21st, at Rumoi Fishing Harbor, Chef Daigo Hayakashi from Bistro Powaru will be preparing delicious meals using freshly caught fish.
The following weekend, on October 28th, “Osteria YOSHIE” Chef Yoshie Keiichi will be creating a menu using delicious vegetables at Shinshinotsu.
The atmosphere of this event varies, from the ocean sounds of the harbor to the peaceful sounds of the fields, but it's always a wonderful experience. If you’re intrigued, be sure to register for one of the final two events! "Restaurant in a Rice Field" makes the perfect family outing or a special lunch with friends, so check below for more information!
● 畑でレストラン (Restaurant in a Rice Field) Homepage:
● Restaurant in a Rice Field on facebook:
■ Sunday, October 21st
Venue: Rumoi Fishing Harbor
Featuring: Chef Daigo Hayakashi, Shinsei Marine Harbor × "Bistro Powaru"
■ Sunday, October 28th
Venue: Shinshinotsu
Featuring: Chef Yoshie Keiichi, Ootsuka Farm × "Osteria YOSHIE"
■ Fee: 4,000 Yen per person
■ Capacity: 25 people
■ Deadline for Registration: One week before the event.
※ This event is not on a bus tour. Please come directly to the venue.
● Registration
コープトラベル (Co-op Travel)
TEL : 011 851-7411
Mon-Fri : 10:00 - 6:00
Sat : 10:00 - 3:00
Closed Sundays
● Contact Information
畑でレストラン事務局 (Restaurant in a Rice Field)
TEL : 011 211-6366
Reception Hours: 9:00 - 4:00
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
(All photographs provided by 畑でレストラン事務局)
  • "Restaurant in a Rice Field" - Exquisite cuisine served with fresh field air.

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