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Release | Takako Chiba

"Sakana Ichi Tei" - You've got to taste this little known restaurant's delicious Fresh Squid Set!

I'd like to introduce to you a shop which sells delicious fresh foods, and is frequented by fisherman and fishmongers alike.
If you visit Hakodate, one of the things you will surely notice is the quality of the seafood available. Many visitors make sure to grab a bite of one thing in particular, squid.
You can find many kinds of food which feature this ingredient, from sashimi to “squid somen" (thinly cut raw squid). So trying a new dish is part of the joy of visiting Hakodate.
But of these many varieties, I always suggest the "Fresh Squid Set" available at Sakana Ichi Tei. (The name roughly translates to ‘One Stop Fish Shop.’)
Sakana Ichi Tei is located on the second floor of the Hakodate Wholesale Fish Market. This building is the center of the Hakodate fishing industry, where local fisheries all gather together to sell their catches. It’s often confused with the morning market located next to the Hakodate Station, so be sure to look for a collection of red brick buildings.
The owner, Mr. Sasaki, informed us that "Every morning we stock out store with fresh catches purchased directly from the first floor of the building!" So let's take a look at the dishes these super fresh ingredients are used in!
Here is the “Ikesu Ika” (Fresh Squid) Set.
▲ This is made using tons of "Maika" or Japanese squid. This dish features boiled "geso" (tentacles), and sashimi.
What do you think of the size of that meal?! Once you try this nearly transparent squid, you won't want to eat it anywhere else! Of course you can enjoy it with soy sauce, but try your first bite without any added flavors to get the true taste of the fresh squid. You may be surprised by its innate sweetness.
This much squid only costs 800 Yen. (Although the price can vary depending on the market's squid purchase price.) Home-made garnish, such as salted fish, is also available and I usually also have at least one side dish of rice.
There is also a special "Catch of the Day" set available. The featured fish changes daily, and it only costs 500 Yen! The day I visited, herring was on the menu and it looked delicious!
The restaurant uses all Hokkaido grown rice in their meals. Which is delicious, of course, but more than that the volume and price are hard to pass up!
This homely dining spot within the fish market isn't that well known, but it's one of my favorite spots in Hakodate. Be sure to stop by for a visit if you're in the area!
● 魚いち亭 (Sakana Ichi Tei)
Located on the second floor of Hakodate Wholesale Fish Market
27-6 Toyokawa-cho, Hakodate
TEL : 0138-22-0136
■ Hours of Operation: 7:00 - 2:00
■ Closed on Sundays
(Possibly closed on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.)
※ Store is also closed when the market has a scheduled closure.
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
(Photography provided by 仙北慎次写真事務所プロボ 仙北慎次)
  • "Sakana Ichi Tei" - You've got to taste this little known restaurant's delicious Fresh Squid Set!

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Takako Chiba