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Release | Fumiko Magota

"Denpun Dango" (Starch Sweet Dumplings) in Koshimizu Town.

Eastern Hokkaido Soul Food. Officially recognized in the Guinness book of world records!
"Denpun Dango" are sweet dumplings made from starch, boiled sweet red kidney beans and broth all kneaded together, shaped, and baked. This great taste is one of Eastern Hokkaido's soul foods, and is a specialty product of Koshimizu Town, making use of their high quality starch.
▲ A Koshimizu Town "Denpun Dango." One dumpling is 100 Yen.
▲ The high quality starch used in the dumplings was being sold at this booth.
The Koshimizu town volunteer group "We Are Koshimizu! Executive Commitee" is making a push to advertise the great taste of the dango, various methods are being used, but at last year's hometown event they took quite a step forward. The committee, which consists of 20 members, ages 20 to 40, decided last year to try to make the largest dango in the world. They produced a dumpling 2.55 meters tall and 1.25 meters wide, which weighed in at 115.5 kilograms. The result of their challenge? Being officially recognized in the Guinness book of world records!
They also had a booth in last year's "Sapporo Autumn Festival."
The committee board gave us this comment before this year's festival. "We really didn't sell very well at the last festival, which cast a shadow over the whole last year. But this year we're back for round two! We rethought the taste, the price, and the character of our dango. We've even brought some new techniques, such as branding our dumplings."
The taste of this years dango, which was sold at the Koshimizu booth in Odori Park, was delicious. The crunchy exterior and the savory-sweet, slightly rustic taste of the sweet beans inside really hit the spot. Not only do they have the record for largest dumpling in the world, but they surely make some of the tastiest as well!
Were you able to enjoy a Denpun Dango at this year's Autumn Fest? If not remember for next year and let us know what you think!
▲ They also had fresh Dorayaki (sponge cake with filling) and fresh strawberry juice for sale!
(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer -Fukko)
  • "Denpun Dango" (Starch Sweet Dumplings) in Koshimizu Town.

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Fumiko Magota