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"Utoro Women's Fishery Cafeteria" - Delicious food served to the sound of seagulls in Shari Town

Autumn is the best season of the year in Hokkaido to enjoy fish, and in Utoro port you can find a restaurant that really knows how to make a meal. The "Utoro Women's Fishery Cafeteria" provides delicious meals featuring fresh catches from the Okhotsk sea.
The cafeteria is run entirely by women from the Utoro fishing industry, and is located in the corner of the fishery union building. The shop has been running for over 40 years now, and is still going strong.
▲ "Utoro's fish are the best in Japan!"
When I visited the cafeteria I tried the delicious grilled fish set and the salmon and salmon roe rice bowl.
The grilled fish set comes with two types of fish: mackerel and salmon. The types of fish vary with the seasons, but are always delicious. The day I visited, in early September, was a bit early in salmon season, but I was still able to enjoy pink salmon. The fish was soft and had some of "mom's special seasoning" which complimented the sweetness of the fish well.
▲ A gigantic mackerel! Delectably greasy with a side of rice.
▲ A large autumn salmon fillet. The grilled fish set is 1,200 Yen.
The salmon and salmon roe rice bowl is actually the cafeteria's specialty. The ladies at the shop break apart the salted and grilled fish and cover the rice bowl with salmon roe and salmon bits. Soft and juicy, with the delicious Okhostk salmon flavor, this meal was truly mouthwatering!
▲ "Salmon and Salmon Roe Rice Bowl" - 1,600 Yen
▲ The women of the cafeteria serving customers while skillfully preparing dishes.
▲ Mr. Yoichi Mogi (in front), a well known name in the fishing world, visited the cafeteria. After enjoying their meal he and the other fishermen all got up and left for their boats at the same time.
Utoro Women's Fishery Cafeteria
Location: Higashi 117 Utoro, Shari
TEL : 0152-24-3191
Hours of Operations: Through October from 8:30am until last order at 4:00pm.
Open every day.
  • "Utoro Women's Fishery Cafeteria" - Delicious food served to the sound of seagulls in Shari Town