"Jyaga Buta - Pork Potato Dumplings" - Juicy pork filling inside a springy potato dumpling!

A hot item all across Hokkaido, today I'd like to introduce a delicious pork filled potato dumpling treat made with Hokkaido potatoes and pork, the "Jyaga Buta" dumpling!
At first glance this tasty treat resembles a regular Chinese dumpling, but the unique feature here is the bun made with Hokkaido potatoes. The bun is made with flour, starch, potato flakes and water and is filled with minced pork and delicious veggies.
These dumplings are each the size of a small mandarin orange and heavier than you'd expect. The bun has a sticky, springy texture making them easy to enjoy with chopsticks. After biting into the springy bun, your mouth fills with the juicy mix of pork and veggies contained inside.
The most common way to enjoy the dumplings is in a delicious soup. This method allows the delicious taste of the potatoes and pork to mix with the broth during boiling. For added flavor you can also include onions and wild chervil. I like to lay out the dumplings on lotus leaves, punch a hole in the top of each, and fill them with the soup, rather than boiling them in the water. It's absolutely delicious!
No matter how you enjoy them, just be careful not to burn your tongue! The insides get quite hot.
For the coming autumn season, these dumplings make the perfect addition to any meals using seasonal vegetables. The flavor of the potato bun isn't too strong, so it balances well with a variety of ingredients. No matter the soup or sauce, try adding some dumplings to your meal as well!
Because it’s a frozen product, you can mail order "Jyaga Buta" anywhere in Japan. If you haven't tried them before, and you live in the country, why not give them a taste?
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(Hokkaido LIkers Writer - Takako Chiba)
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