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"Donburi Chaya" - Sushi bowl restaurant.

When visiting Hokkaido, (which is known for its seafood) everyone wants to eat something special "I want crab", "I want shrimp", "I want sea urchin" generally go the cries. Well maybe it's best to visit a place where you can eat the lot!
"Donburi Chaya" is located at the fish markets, on the east side of 'Soseikawa" (Sosei River), called "Nijo Market" in Chuo-ku Sapporo. The store does not face the street but is actually hidden inside the market itself. (Go around the market on the street until you see the entrance, it's not hard to find). Inside you will find all manner of tempting sushi / sashimi dishes served on bowls of rice ('Donburi' basically means 'on rice' in Japanese).
All produce is selected from the fish markets right next door! The best selection of fish, crab, shrimp and others is made every day. Totally fresh and some of the best tasting in Hokkaido. Anyone hungry for Japanese cuisine will love this place!
Let's take the time now to introduce a few favorites;
Crab meat, crab in miso soup, salmon and roe, sea urchin and scallops, shrimp and tuna.
▲ ¥ 2,880 (Small round bowls)
Well sushi lovers maybe you might be happy with this, yes? Want more?
Well how about all together!
▲¥ 2,980 (The ultimate treasure bowl!)
Here's one for those crazy crab lovers who "just want to eat crab!".
▲¥ 2,180 (Supreme crab bowl)
And last but not least is the pride of the fish market, the bowl with everything!
▲¥ 6,980 (The everything bowl)
By the way, the sizes of the bowls are like this.
All sizes have been designed for those with smaller and larger appetites!
With such fresh seafood its always easy to more and more and more!!
■ Donburi Chaya Sapporo Nijo market
Sapporo, Chuo-ko, South 3, East 1-7 
TEL : 011 - 200 - 2223
■ Opening hours / 7:30 to 17:30
(Last order : 17:00)
■ Open all year / Sun Closed
※ New Year's Day Closed
※ There are some other special holidays
 (Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
 ※ Photos provided by : Donburi Chaya


  • "Donburi Chaya" - Sushi bowl restaurant.

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Takako Chiba