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"Yamagishi Farm’s Sakura Workshop" - 100% Raw Milk Yogurt

Delicious yogurt which pays tribute to dairy farmers, made in Shihoro, Tokachi.
Hokkaido is well-known for its delicious dairy products, and in Tokachi the dairy industry is thriving. Cattle raised in the Sakura Area of Shihoro town, in the northern part of Tokachi, are milked to provide the base ingredient used in Yamagishi Farm Sakura Workshop's 100% raw milk yogurt. It's a taste that’s sure to leave a smile on your face.
The Yamagishi family has been living and working at this dairy farm for nearly 60 years now. "I want to let as many people as possible enjoy the delicious milk we produce here at the farm." says Ms. Atsuko Yamagishi, "We really strive to make and deliver the best products directly to our consumers." You can taste the personal care that this country mom and her daughter, Ai Kitade, put into the yogurt they produce.
▲ The workshop opened in 2010. Each individual package of yogurt is made by hand.
The yogurt is made with a special focus on "being able to taste the original ingredient, - milk." Last year, the yogurt was first released under the name "SWEET Sa・Ku・Ra". Made more for fun than for profit, the yogurt comes in two flavors, plain and semi-sweet, with production limited to spring only.
The plain yogurt is made using only raw milk and lactic acid bacteria, to counterbalance the sour taste of the yogurt. After taking a bit I was surprised at the smooth flavor and light aftertaste. The semi-sweet flavor is made by adding a small amount of Tokachi skim milk and sugar to the mix. I'm not sure why, but the slightly sweet flavor gave me a sense of nostalgia when I took my first bite.
▲ Additive-free yogurt made from the most basic of ingredients. Available in plain or semi-sweet flavors. 450 grams- 580 Yen. 300 grams- 480 Yen.
Sitting on top of the bottled yogurt you will find a delicious layer of whipped cream. This is a natural result of using fresh raw milk because the fat isn't broken down, providing a natural cream layer. As time passes the lactic acid bacteria spring in to action and the cream's flavor broadens significantly.
▲ The off-colored layer on top of the yogurt is dense whipped cream. I took Ms. Ai's advice and mixed the yogurt and cream together, the result was a much thicker and tastier yogurt!
Currently Yamagishi Ranch is raising about 300 head of cattle.
▲ When they took me to see their barns I spotted a baby calf!
"The cattle born here will live their whole lives at our farm. We know that each cow will eventually end up providing sustenance for our customers, so we take constant care to provide the highest quality hygiene management possible." said Ms. Ai.
Ms. Atsuko added, "For us, producing yogurt is one way of highlighting the joy and hard work that make up a dairy farmer's daily life." After witnessing their love for the cattle and their farming work, I was filled with a sense of admiration for the pair.
▲ Ms. Ai Kitade, Ms. Atsuko's eldest daughter. What a wonderful smile!
Sakura Workshop’s 100% Raw Milk Yogurt is available for purchase at Shihoro's Roadside Station, as well as at the Fujimaru department store in Obihiro. It is also available by order, so for those readers interested in trying it themselves, please call the phone number below!
● 山岸牧場さくら工房 (Yamagishi Farm, Sakura Workshop)
115, Higashi 8-sen, Nakashihoro, Shihoro, Kato-gun
TEL : 015-645-5003
○ Local Shipping (Telephone Reception: Mon. to Sat. 9:30-5:00))
450grams・6 Piece Set : 3,480 Yen (By Shipping)
There are three sets available:
- 6 Piece Plain Flavor Set
- 6 Piece Semi-Sweet Flavor Set
- 3 Plain and 3 Semi-Sweet Flavor Set
※ In order to send you a product with a long-lasting shelf life, it might take orders several days to be shipped.
  •  "Yamagishi Farm’s Sakura Workshop" - 100% Raw Milk Yogurt