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"Night view from Mt. Moiwa" - Overlooking beautiful Otaru.

I'm sure if you've lived in Sapporo all your life you've visited Mt. Moiwa at least once before, but as a newcomer from Kansai whose only been here for 10 years, I just recently had the chance to visit this beautiful spot! I've heard talk about the view at night from the platform, but the expansive scenery and flickering of city lights below really blew me away!
I'm afraid of heights, so I wasn't able to take the ropeway to the top, instead I went halfway up the mountain by car and then switched to a mini-cable car until the summit. For those of you who don't like the feeling of being suspended in midair air, I definitely suggest this method!
Although you can look out from the top in any direction, perhaps the best view is that of the night lights in Otaru and the Toyahira River. Be sure to go when the time is ripe for clear skys! Generally the day after a storm is best because the rain cleans the atmosphere of dust and gases.
In the center of the viewing platform you will find the "Bell of Happiness." When I went to see it, the sight of young lovebirds and the soft sound of the ringing in the air certainly created a romantic feeling! There was also a small child who decided that ringing the bell really loud was better, so I was treated to the full sound of the bell for awhile as well. (lol)
The bell is surrounded by a railing, onto which, I was surprised to find, padlocks were attached all over the place! The mountain makes the perfect date spot and to commemorate the romance you can buy you own special padlock to leave behind at the summit, available in the gift shop at the station.
All in all it was a great trip.
Be sure to visit Mt. Moiwa and enjoy the great view!
Mt. Moiwa Viewing Platform
(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Iwasaki)
  • "Night view from Mt. Moiwa" - Overlooking beautiful Otaru.