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Hokkaido Graffiti Candy - “Nanae Town’s Onuma Sweet Dumplings”

Southern Hokkaido's Onuma National Park is a great sightseeing destination featuring the delicate landscapes of Onuma Lake, Konuma Lake, Junsai Lake, 126 interwoven small islands and the splendor of Mt. Komagatake. The beauty of the area was noted even in the Edo period (1603-1868), and the park has been maintained since 1914.
In 1905, prior to the founding of the park, Onuma Station was opened to the public. With this opening manufacturing and sales of the “Lake House” Onuma sweet dumplings began. Still to this day, during peak traffic hours at the Station, the line to buy dumplings never dwindles.
When the station first opened, Kamekichi Horiguchi and his wife Tay moved to the area and began selling their original rice-flour sweet dumpling treat throughout the station (no store, just walking the station with their goods). During WWII and after, due to food rationing, the shop suspended business. However, they later reopened at a location next to the station and in the 1950s business really started booming.
The box set contains the regular soy sauce Onuma dumplings and one of the two special flavored dumplings: sweet red bean paste or sesame flavored. The box is divided into two uneven sections, the larger is referred to as the "Onuma" (after the bigger lake) and the smaller side is called the "Konuma" (after the smaller lake). The Konuma section contains the soy sauce flavored dumpling, while the Onuma side has your special flavor, meaning you can enjoy two delicious flavors in every box!
Home-ground rice powder, made from Hokkaido grown rice, is an essential ingredient of the dumplings. The soy sauce dumplings use a sauce made exclusively for the shop and even the sesame seed mixture is made at the shop itself, causing customers and competitors alike to marvel at the flavor. The expiration date on each treat is only one day, so you can be sure that this is a taste you can only enjoy by buying directly from the shop!
In 1965 the Onuma dumplings made their television commercial debut. The jingle quickly became a local favorite, and for those who spent their childhood in southern Hokkaido it's certainly nostalgic. The tasty treat is recognized as being the face of Onuma Park, and some may say as an icon of rural southern Hokkaido.
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Location: 145 Onuma, Nanae City, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido
TEL: 0138-67-2104
★ Red Bean Paste or Sesame: Small - 370 Yen, Large - 620 Yen
*For more detailed information check out the book “Confectionery Graffiti in Hokkaido” by Toshinobu Tsukada.
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Tetsu)
  • Hokkaido Graffiti Candy - “Nanae Town’s Onuma Sweet Dumplings”