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“Hokkaido Vegetable Spotlight #4: The Zucchini - Natural Wine Table Organic+” - Enjoying delicious meals made wit

Welcome to the fourth and final entry in our Hokkaido vegetable series! We’ll be finishing off by dedicating this last article to the juicy zucchini. We visited the restaurant “Natural Wine Table Organic+” which uses only all-organic, pesticide free vegetables in their cooking. This restaurant prepares its meals without the use of meat or dairy products, instead it has a wide selection of macrobiotic cuisine made with organic ingredients and seasoning.
▲”All of the vegetables we use are organically farmed, so you can enjoy every bite knowing that our ingredients are safe and healthy.” - Mr. and Mrs. Saito - shopkeepers
As a child, I never actually had the chance to see or taste this delicious vegetable, but now it’s being grown all across Hokkaido and has become a common sight in most supermarkets and groceries across Japan. Zucchini resemble a cucumber in shape and size, but they are actually a member of the pumpkin family. They are quite juicy and when cooked they have a texture akin to an eggplant. Zucchini are also extremely low in calories, making them the perfect ingredient to use when you’re on a diet!
▲In addition to the standard green zucchini you can also find yellow zucchini (on the left) and squash (on the right). Because of its unique shape the squash is sometimes called a “UFO zucchini.”
 At Natural Wine Table Organic+ we decided to try the Zucchini and Eggplant Frit. This dish is made with zucchini from the Sogai plantation, in Imakane Town, which is known by  shopkeepers for its rich taste.  The batter coating is made from organic, additive-free kudzu in a light brown miso base. The miso has a sweet smell and the batter coating provides a light, crunchy texture which is soon overcome by the juices of the vegetables inside. Sprinkle on a bit of the salt and thyme seasoning for a truly a mouth-watering meal!
▲Zucchini and Eggplant 'Frit-mist' (Light Batter), 680 Yen. On the menu through early September.
 Well, that wraps up our four part Hokkaido summer vegetable series. We hope you enjoyed the articles and hopefully found a few dishes that peaked your appetite. Be sure to go out for a taste before the summer season is over!
〈Natural Wine Table Organic+〉
Location: Tiara36 1st floor, Minami 3-Jyo Nishi 6-Chome, Chuou-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Phone: 011-223-6970
Hours of Operation: 5:30 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Closed on Mondays (Open on holidays, but closed the day after)
(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writers - Fukko (Article), and Iwasaki (Photos))
  • “Hokkaido Vegetable Spotlight #4: The Zucchini - Natural Wine Table Organic+” - Enjoying delicious meals made wit

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Fumiko Magota