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“Mother’s Egg House” - "Oyako Don" or "Tamagokake Gohan" -> Which would you pick?

Located along Hokkaido's southern Pacific Ocean coast is the city of Shiraoi. Here you can find the poultry farm, "Mother's Egg House." Today I'll be introducing two dishes from the "Egg House," Oyako Don (Chicken and Egg on Rice) and the "Tamagokake Gohan" (Rice with Egg). Freshly lain eggs, laid by chickens fed with carefully selected feed and Shiraoi's natural groundwater, are used in both dishes giving them a great taste! Also available in the shop are rare eggs not available for sale in any other location.
Oyako Don is a relatively standard dish throughout Japan, however the eggs used in this dish and the method used to make it truly set it apart from other restaurants. Thick egg yolks, as well as a superbly cooked chicken-egg combo, give this dish a rich flavor.
Then there is the Tamagokake Gohan. For just 350 Yen you receive an ample serving of rice and six whole eggs! To enjoy this dish, just crack an egg into the bowl of rice and mix it up for a wonderfully thick egg and rice combo. The eggs used are rather small, so you might even try two eggs in one bowl!
The store interior is kept neat and clean and features an egg shaped layout which gives it an especially cute atmosphere.
Located next to the restaurant's dining area is a special egg store corner where you can buy all manner of unique egg varieties, such as Amani Eggs.
In addition, for a limited time you can purchase a kind of lucky charm in the egg world: the "First Lain Eggs." Just like the name implies, these eggs are the first that young hen’s have lain.
This store’s policy is "from the farm straight to the table," which means they sell the eggs the day they are lain. To help with this process the store has employed an egg vending machine since 1998. To this day the shop provides safe eggs for customers to take home and enjoy at the dinner table. One of the best ways to enjoy that delicious fresh egg flavor, and get quite the “eggs”travagant experience at the same time.
So which would you prefer? Oyako Don or Tamagokake Gohan? Why not take a trip out to the egg house and try both!
Mothersたまご館 (Mother’s Egg House)
Location : 289-8, Yashirodai, Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun, 059-0901
(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Tetsuya Iwasaki)
  • “Mother’s Egg House” - "Oyako Don" or "Tamagokake Gohan" -> Which would you pick?