"Niupu Mother Tree" - Crafted Birch Bark

The traditional Nordic craft of creating products from birch trees has recently seen a growing revival in Japan. The products are especially desired by women looking for organic and traditional designed and manufactured goods. Birch provides both strength and suppleness in its texture, which changes and evolves over time and gives the products made from it longevity.
Located in Niupu area of Bifuka Town in Hokkaido is "Niupu Mother Tree" white birch crafts.
'Niupu' is an Ainu (Native Japanese) word meaning "forest".  The vast white birch forests located in this area are said to be amongst the highest quality in the world. The high altitude and cold temperatures cause the trees to grow thick bark skins for protection from the harsh environment. The properties of the birch in this area are now being recognized for their unusual properties. Hokkaido University has set up a program to do further research into these trees and they have also attracted other researchers from around the world.
All Niupu Mother Tree products are handmade with great attention to detail. As all products are made from the local trees and each tree is different from the next in regard to shape, color variation and bark differences, each product is actually a one of a kind.
Each product will change texture and color depending on its use.
Some products are only currently available in Bifuka, however nationwide stock and sales channels are now being prepared.
How about creating your own original white birch product? Niupu Mother Tree holds occasional workshops to teach this craft form to others. For details of these workshops please see the website or call us.
(Hokkaido Liker Writer - Miyashita)
"Niupu Mother Tree"
Address : 660 Bifuka Town, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido.
TEL : 01656-2-3939 (Farm Inn in Tonto)
URL: http://www.mothertree.org