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Release | Chiaki Uzurahashi

"Air-Trip" - Zip lining in the forest!

Experience the world as the tree top creatures do.
North of Shikaoi town in Tokachi, is the Daisetsuzan National Park. Located within the confines of the national park is Shikaribetsu Lake. This lake is surrounded by gorgeous and fascinating virgin forest. "Air-Trip" is located in the forest and nearby field. It can be accessed from the "Shikaribetsu Nature Center". The zip-line features five stages with different heights and speeds. Often flying squirrels and birds of prey can be seen. (Riders can experience the forest as these animals do!)The nature center offers various programs to help visitors enjoy the area.
The zip line includes a two hour walking tour of the forest with a guide. Connections between the forest life, plants and animals are all explained and is super interesting.
During the summer season it is possible to take canoe trips on the crystal clear lake. The instructors are careful to help and explain everything for canoeing so even the newest beginners can do this in safety. 
Day and night bring completely different views at  Shikaribetsu. The wide expanse of the night sky is filled with stars.
● Lakeside Nature Center, Shikaribetsu.TEL:0156-69-8181
※ For details of each experience, please visit the Web site.
※ Some pictures  kindly provided by the Nature Center.
  • "Air-Trip" - Zip lining in the forest!