"Hokkaido University Museum" - 'Einstein Dome' and 'Desmostylus'.

Located in the large expanse of the Hokkaido University ground is the Hokkaido museum. Opened in 1999, the museum celebrates its 14th anniversary this year.
Students and the general public are always welcome to visit the museum free of charge to take in a little natural and manmade history.
Speaking to Hokkaido University professor and museum curator Professor Toshiro Tsumagari, "Putting the museum inside of the University serves both the purposes of informing and encouraging students but also allows the general public to understand more of the kind of work the university is doing."
"When compared to universities and museums on the main island of Honshu, the establishment of Hokkaido University and Hokkaido University Museum are a little different. Dr Clark, an American born and raised professor, was commissioned to create the university by the Japanese government in 1876. The university was first established as an agricultural college and then went on to diversify. This kind of rich history, as well as many prehistoric animals and plants, interesting minerals and also the work of Nobel Prize winning (Chemistry) Professor Akira Suzuki can all be seen easily."
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