"The Shiretoko Peninsula" The power of World Natural Heritage sites from the deck of a cruiser!

"Godzilla Rock Sightseeing" is located in Shari Town Utoro, and has started offering cruise tours. Godzilla Rock, by the way, is the name of a large, nearby rock formation. Its name in Ainu is "Utoruchikushi" (or Utoro), and was said to be an omen of sorts. I decided to take a trip out into the water and capture a few photos for you all!
When we departed, we were a bit disappointed at how foggy it was, but the staff reassured us, "The weather will probably clear up when we get to open sea." So we set off into the deep green sea to start our tour.
We quickly came upon our first sightseeing spot, the "Tears of the Maiden" waterfall.
For awhile after that, all we could see were sharp black rocks creating intimidating coastal cliffs. Regrettably, I wasn't able to get any pictures because of the fog. At their highest point, the rocks reached 200 meters. We couldn't see the top, but even the foggy view packed quite a punch.
Later on the weather did clear up, just like the staff said. As we entered open waters we spotted Mt. Iozan floating above the clouds.
We finally arrived at our destination, the tip of the Shiretoko Peninsula. For some reason I had the image of a thick primeval forest being at this spot, but it was actually quite flat.
During the cruise our guide would provide us with hilarious commentary when announcing the sights. It was really a great time and while these pictures give you a good idea of the sights, they can't compare with the experience of seeing them in person. The cruise is quite special, giving you a unique view of the tip of the peninsula, so if you plan on visiting Shiretoko in the future, please consider taking a tour!
"This year's season ends on November 15th. Then, after a short break, we will start up our drift ice tours in February. Guests will wear dry suits and have a chance to walk along the top of the ice floe! We will also be offering a drift ice cruise at our Rausu Shop location."
Godzilla Rock Sightseeing〈ゴジラ岩観光〉
TEL : 0152-24-3060
Location : Higashi 50, Utoro, Shari-cho
Tours :
- Shiretoko Peninsula Utoro Cruise : 4/15-11/15
- Shiretoko Peninsula Drift Ice Cruise (Rausu) : 2/1-4/10
Price : Utoro Cruise-Coast Course (About 3 hours) 8,000 Yen for one adult.
URL : http://kamuiwakka.jp/cruising/ (Japanese)
(Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer - Fukko)
(Photographs provided by Isao Kawamura)