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“Hoshioka Campground” Camping among the stars.

Located in the very heart of Hokkaido is the city of Furano.
Rich in onsens (natural hot spring baths), gourmet cuisine, and mysterious places, this city, surrounded by nature, is simply overflowing with luxury.
Recently, a campsite in Furano caught my attention.
The Hoshioka campsite is aptly named, as it’s name (星に手のとどく丘) roughly translates to “the hill reaching for the stars”
The sheep freely graze the campgrounds.
And a pig does too.
The facilities include campers, bungalows, and rental equipment, sure to please campers of all ranges.    Even families with small children often visit the site. 
We came and rented a tent site for one night.
Fall in Hokkaido is quite cold, so we built a campfire.
Sunset over this incredible campground was truly beautiful.
Then, as night set in over the hill, the starry sky surrounding us was revealed.  For as far as our eyes could see, there were stars.
We could have stared at that sky all night and never tired of it. 
With onsens and famous places just in the neighborhood, we went for a drive and were surrounded with interesting things to see.
It seems that recently, a nearby rabbit hutch was remodeled and now many rabbits are calling the “101 Rabbits Farm” home.
If you hold out a treat, the rabbits, sheep, and pigs—all eager to make new friends—will quickly come to play.  As soon as we held out the food…
…a heard of fluffy rabbits came bouncing out to meet us!  They were so friendly!
The Hoshioka Camp has certainly become popular with such a wonderful environment, but the delicious Genghis Khan (a famous Hokkaido dish of grilled lamb and vegetables) is what this place is really famous for. 
In fact, some people come just to sample the Genghis Khan.  It’s so popular that on Saturdays, you might not even be able to get a reservation.
The “Spring Water Genghis Khan,” for which Hoshioka is known, gets its name from the two sauces that are massaged into the meat, both made with fresh spring water from Furano Dake.  The intertwining flavors give the meat its “one-of-a-kind” taste.
Juicy “Suffolk Genghis Khan” and lean “Hitsujinooka (Sheep Hill) Genghis Khan,” which is very popular with women, are used for the Spring Water Genghis Khan.
We also happened to be visiting during the onion harvest.  The sweetness of the Furano Onions and the juiciness of the Spring Water Genghis Khan were a superb match; one we don’t often have the opportunity to taste.  With its two unique sauces, I can’t wait to eat the delicious Spring Water Genghis Khan again!  Anyone who eats here is sure to leave feeling the same. 
If only I could always eat so well.  It’s no surprise this restaurant was recommended in the 2012 Michelin guide to Hokkaido.
Spring Water Genghis Khan and Furano Onions can both be ordered from the Hitsujinooka homepage.
At this campsite you can really enjoy any and everything you do.
The energetic and friendly groundskeeper, Mr. Maekawa, seems to be endlessly full of ideas for different ways to enjoy Hokkaido’s natural environment.
Posing for a memorable photo with one of the campers.
Living in the countryside can be hard sometimes, but it certainly has its perks.
This campsite is so full of charm that it is sure to leave all those who camp here still feeling that charm when they go. 
For someone born and raised in Hokkaido, visiting this campsite was really a great experience. 
Hokkaido, Sorachi Township, City of Furano, Beberui
Hoshi Ni Te No Todoku Oka Camp Grounds
( Hokkaido Likers Photo Writer – Itsuki )
  • “Hoshioka Campground” Camping among the stars.