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"Clay Note" - Elegant ceramic art decorated with crayons!

In Hakodate you can find a unique kind of pottery featuring soft, pastel pictures drawn with special crayons made for use with ceramics.
Here's a pot with a curious design. Pastel colored using crayons, this earthen pot has an adult appeal despite the childlike abandon of the design. The lines of the design are drawn by hand and filled in with many patterns, such as hearts, polka-dots, and stripes, giving it a unique asymmetrical style. The cute patterns and soft colors give this work a gentle feeling.
Ms. Kumiko Ishikawa, who lives in Hakodate, is the artist who created this work.
▲ Ms. Kumiko Ishikawa from "clay note." She opened her own studio, "Bau House," in Hakodate, two years ago. There she creates a variety of ceramics, from everyday objects like the pot above, to specialty products such as Zodiac figures.
Ms. Ishikawa used to work in Tokyo in a field completely unrelated to pottery. She explained her reason for coming back home, "I wanted to find a job that only I could do. One where nobody could replace me." As she was trying to figure out how to make her dream a reality she was contacted by a workshop from her home town. She returned home to help them out, and began to perfect her own techniques and create original works.
"I used special crayons to paint designs on ceramic works. I have a personal theme, drips and drops of water, and all the works I'm making fall within that idea. I think my works are evolving little by little as I work, but I tend to create things I'm interested in or that I feel like trying." says Ms. Ishikawa.
▲ "I know that it might not be practical, but I really wanted to try to make these. They are word books!" The tiny books lined up above are commonly used to study vocabulary in Japan.
Lately, Ms. Ishikawa has taken in interest in children's goods. "What got me interested in children's goods was a special order from a mother. I hope to be able to help parents out in any way I can, like convincing kids to eat foods they dislike.”
Every original piece created has a different pattern and uses different colors. In the coming winter season hot food is a must, and these ceramic dishes make a great addition to any dinner table. So check out the website below to see what pieces they have to offer!
● Clay Note(クレイノート)
7-2, Tomioka-machi 3-Chome, Hakodate
TEL and FAX: 0138‐87‐0343
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
(Photographs courtesy of 仙北慎次写真事務所プロボ 仙北慎次)
  • "Clay Note" - Elegant ceramic art decorated with crayons!

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