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"Hokkaido Heritage" Sapporo’s Naebo District Factories and Memorial Hall

Have you ever heard of Hokkaido Heritage? There are currently 52 sites which have been selected as "Hokkaido Treasures to be passed on to the next generation." Starting with this article we'll be bringing you a look at each one of these sites!
Located East of Sapporo Station is the Naebo district, which has been home to the many factories of Sapporo’s "Industrial Block" since the Meiji Era. Still today many Hokkaido based companies have their base of operations located here, and the area is dotted with memorials of the district’s history.
The building above is the "Sapporo Beer Museum." Its facade of red bricks is reminiscent of Meiji Era construction and inside you'll find Japan's only beer museum. After you've taken the tour and studied up on your history, you can enjoy a delicious sample of "Pioneer Beer."
Currently you can take part in the "Machi Haku Sanpo" (Town Museum Walk) event, which runs through October 31st. Visitors are led by a tourguide through the surrounding area, learning the fascinating history and culture of the area. The tour covers many famous landmarks, but also includes many new or hidden locations.
If you're interested, you can find out more here:
<北海道遺産> (Hokkaido Heritage)
Homepage: http://www.hokkaidoisan.org/ (Japanese)


  • "Hokkaido Heritage" Sapporo’s Naebo District Factories and Memorial Hall