“Wooden Seal Case” -Squeak, Swish, Click!

Seals, or stamps, are commonly used in East Asia in place of the Western signature on official documents, office paperwork, contracts, or any other item requiring acknowledgment of authorship.
So you have an official or pre-made seal, but where do you keep it when it's not in use?
There certainly are a fair amount of people that just keep the seal in a drawer in their desk, which works, I guess...but for something as important as your personal seal, or the company's registered stamp, shouldn't we be concerned about its safekeeping? For those that agree, I have the perfect product to share with you.
The unique "Wooden Seal Case" by Masakage Tanno, produced in Asahikawa.
When I first saw this case I thought "Oh, how nice, a small box to store my seal in." But boy was I wrong.
The case is assembled with precision craftsmanship and is a blast to use. To open the case you just push once on the end of the rounded seal compartment until you hear a tiny "squeak" and your seal will pop out with a satisfying "swish." After you're done, just push until you hear a "click" and the case is closed. The "squeak, swish, click" of the box is so satisfying you'll find yourself unconsciously opening and closing the case when you don't even need to use it!
We had the chance to interview Mr. Tanno, the man behind the development of this case. He explains, "I had a friend who was a woodworker, and I got the idea for the case after seeing one of his works which made the distinctive "swish" sound. I finished the design of the current model about five years ago, but it took about two years of trial and error to get it right. We're making the boxes out of wood waste left over from the construction of other products, such as furniture."
The box consists of five exterior and five interior parts, machine assembled as much as possible with the finishing touches of each being done by hand. This box is truly an elaborate mechanism possible only because of the delicate hand crafting involved.
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