"Hokkaido Full Course"

"Hokkaido Full Course"
An event where young, up-and-coming chefs get to go all out creating delicious full course meals. Sounds almost too good to be true? Here in Hokkaido it’s a reality!
That event’s name is “Hokkaido Full Course.”
Five well-known chefs from across Hokkaido bring the unique tastes of their respective home towns together in one event for a chance to show off their skills.
The theme for the event this time around is “Hokkaido’s Summer Blessings.”
The chefs will put their best dishes forward in a competition to prepare a full course meal with season specific ingredients from across Hokkaido. Just hearing the rules makes my mouth water!
We here at Hokkaido Likers certainly enjoy our food, so of course we fully support this event as well!
There is still time to reserve a seat at this event, but act quickly! Event details are as follows:
When: Thursday, August 23rd 
Doors Open at 6:20pm, Event Starts at 7:00
Where: Pietra Serena (4-17 Fushimi 1-Chome, Chuou-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido)
Reservations: 011-522-1212 (Tell them it’s about “Hokkaido Full Course”)
More details available on the Hokkaido Full Course facebook page:
http://goo.gl/VNKND (Japanese)
→ FacebookPage (PC only)
※Photo: The five members of Hokkaido Full Course (From right to left)
・Takuya Watanabe (Owner and Chef at TAKU) 
・Wakayama Kazuya(Owner and Patissier at JEUNESSE) 
・Noboru Ishii (Owner and Chef at Kirika)
・Hideki Horikawa (Owner and Chef at TERZINA) 
・Tomoyuki Takao (Owner and Chef at oggi)