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"Kuriyama Marche" - Agricultural show and food fest!

Welcome to the 3rd annual Kuriyama Agricultural and Food Festival otherwise known as the "Kuriyama Marche". Get together with a bunch of good people, chat have fun and eat! Couldn't be easier!
There are many types of agricultural products for sale and lots of food to eat and try. Visitors can buy and eat various types of potato, onion, corn and ice-cream. There is also a "Taste Grand Prix" which visitors can participate in by eating and voting for there favorite type of food including BBQ'ed chicken, lamb or goat etc.
Hokkaido's land is very fertile and productive and harvest season is a time of plenty for all to enjoy the riches of these farming areas. Hokkaido produces some of the best tasting agricultural products in Japan. So come down, enjoy the sun, the people and of course the food!  
● Kuriyama Marche
● Marche Kuriyama facebook page
■ Dates
August 18, 2012 (Sat)
10:00 to 16:00 (If raining postponed to following day)
■ Venue
Kuriyama Park
2-chome, Sakuragaoka, Kuriyama-cho. Yubari-gun
5 minutes by car from JR station Kuriyama. (About 15 minutes walk)
143 Parking spaces. Washroom facilities (wheelchair accessible)  
● Contact
Junior Chamber Kuriyama Association
TEL: 0123-73-2345
FAX: 0123-73-2345
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
※ Photo courtesy of Executive Committee 2012 - Kuriyama Marche
  •  "Kuriyama Marche" - Agricultural show and food fest!

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Takako Chiba