"SUCRE" - Cosmetics made in Hokkaido

SUCRE (Pronounced 'su-krey') cosmetics is a Hokkaido company producing top quality, all natural products.
SUCRE uses as one of the main ingredients sugar derived from sugar beets.
As Abisaru Japan representative Mr Noboritate says "Sugar has a high moisture content, retains moisture well and has good permeability. It has therefore been used since long ago as a salve to treat the skin and skin conditions or damage."  
This beet, says Mr. Noboritate, is a Hokkaido beet which has not been genetically modified.
 "SUCRE" is a moisturizing skin care and cleansing cream. It is multiple use and is recommended as a skin cleanser for the face and body as well as a general moisturizer for different areas such as the knees, elbows and the heel of the foot. It can be used to moisturize babies in rash areas and also for men as an aftershave moisturizer.
Any hard skin can be treated with the cream. It will help to moisturize all any area.
The cream is a combination of ingredients with an all natural base using sugar and vegetable oil. The cream leaves the skin soft to the touch, smooth and moist. There is no sticky residue left after rinsing.
As the sugar quickly dissolves when cleansing, there is no 'rough' feeling that other skin scrubs may have.
There are five different scents. Citrus, rosemary, mint plus, vanilla and lavender. During the summer season especially rosemary and mint seem to be the most popular as they have a very refreshing scent. The lavender and mint are both grown locally in Hokkaido.
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(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako Chiba)
※ Photos : Abisaru Japan Co., Ltd.