"Picture Book Museum" - A little picture book village in Hokkaido.

Located almost in the exact center of Hokkaido, just above the city of Asahikawa, is a small village called 'Kenbuchi'. Since 1988, this town has been the center of activity for those involved in the picture book industry in Hokkaido and it is now the home of the Picture Book Museum.
Completed in 2004, this modern, beautiful and uniquely designed museum has a very distinctive 'egg' shaped profile when viewed from above.
Photo courtesy of Kenbuchi Town Hall.
The museum is a multi-use facility which houses a library, exhibition hall, museum and picture book warehouse.
"Pretend House" - A play area for kids.
A "Gravel Pit" made from 100,000 wooden balls. This area is super popular with kids and adults alike!
Amongst the 39 thousand plus volumes, the museum houses a wide variety of books, including Japanese books, international books, pop-up books and original handmade books. There are also over 5000 books that have been nominated in the picture book grand prix over the last 20 years.
The 'Picture Book Awards' are for books published from April 1st the previous year to March 31st the next. People visiting during this time may read and vote for their favorite book. Awards are posted over a two month period from September to August.
Photo courtesy of Kenbuchi Town Hall.
This year marks the 22nd year of the picture book prize awards. Each awards more than 300 books are nominated from a selection of books published in Japan during the nomination period. As votes can only be cast by visitors to the museum many travel each year to see the entrants and participate in the vote. The beautiful Hokkaido summer is a great backdrop and excellent reason to come visit Kenbuchi and the Picture Book Museum and participate in the best books award.
● Picture Book Museum Kenbuchi Town
15- 3, Midori-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Kenbuchi.
TEL : 0165-34-2624
FAX : 0165-34-3345
(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Takako)
※ Unless otherwise stated photos courtesy of Picture Book Museum