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"Tokachi Hills" - Agriculture and Food Theme Park!

Originally established in 1953 as a bean wholesaler and located on a hill approximately 15 minutes dive from Obihiro JR Station, the theme park has a lovely view of the surrounding area.  
Tokachi is one of Japan's leading bean producing areas. The area is nick-named "Bean Country" in Hokkaido. To help promote the area and to introduce new and interesting ways to use and eat beans "Tokachi Hills Food Park" was created. The food park offers various products and has a restaurant that specializes in serving dishes with beans as the base ingredient.
The cafeteria offers a unique style soft ice-cream called "Azuki". Azuki is a red paste made from boiled, crushed and fermented red beans. The paste is then used to flavor the soft ice-cream. The taste is rich, complex and unusual. A must try item for all visitors!
▲Azuki soft ice-cream - 300 yen
A great souvenir from the shop is the "Tokachi Pure Vinegar". This product was produced and refined in-house over a five year period. The vinegar is produced from all local vegetables and beans. the vinegars are made from yams, purple sweet potatoes, white beans, kidney beans, six different types of pumpkins and 'azuki' paste.
The vinegars are not overly acidic and have delicious mellow flavors. The white bean vinegar is especially good with vegetables and salads, with the azuki vinegar great with rice or sushi.
▲ Tokachi Pure Vinegar (¥ 1,575 large). There are other types available.
Other highlights of the garden include edible flowers, grains, beans, fruits and other pesticide free vegetables.
▲ A garden designed by Haruki Shirai.
▲ Flowering bean plants. (The flowers are orange, the beans are purple)
The garden is in a great location with a nice view. There are more than a thousand different kinds of flowers and plants grown through the season.
Please come and visit our lovely area of the world.
Tokachi and all our delicious treats are waiting to welcome you!
Tokachi Hills
Address :
13-5 Nisshin-cho, Makubetsu
TEL : 0155-56-1111
Open :
9:00 to 17:00 Every day
Late April to Early October
Cost :
500 yen / adults, 200 yen / elementary and junior high school students
(Hokkaido Likers Photo-writer - FUKKO)
  • "Tokachi Hills" - Agriculture and Food Theme Park!

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Fumiko Magota