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"Millennium Forest Garden Show"

Approximately 1 hour drive west of Obihiro, near the town of Shimizu, is the Tokachi Millennium Forest. Within this ancient forest is the "Tokachi Millennium Forest Art and Garden Show".
▲ Within the forest are various forest art works. This one is Dan Pearson's "The Crossing".
The Millennium Forest was a collaborative project between British Garden designer Dan Pearson and Takano Landscape Planning. The site, which covers approximately 400 hectares is divided into four areas each with a different title. The areas are; Earth Garden, Forest Garden, Meadow Garden and Farm Garden. Each area takes advantage of the terrain and natural areas to create a dynamic yet unified site.
▲ Part of the "Tokachi Millennium Forest". Although the weather was (unfortunately)  cloudy, the area is still beautiful in the moist fresh air.
As you follow the paths you can enjoy different areas with a variety of plants and various forest art. Along with Dan Pearson the area was produced by architects, garden designers and four other artists to represent Japan using the theme of "Dialogue with Nature". The area has been used over the last two years to hold various exhibitions in a natural space.
▲ Garden designer Mr Osamu Shirai's work "I want to meet you in the shade of an elm tree". The work expresses the simple feeling of a family who keep and work with horses.

▲ Landscape architect Mr. Koichiro Nakatani's work "Memory in Stone" is a quiet space for visitors to enjoy the surrounding forest.
The garden is the 'home or museum' used to display various art. In this way the idea is to change the image of what a "garden" is. In addition to the garden and the different designed areas there a eight permanent works by eight different young artists.
▲ This work is called "VIEW". It is a sculpture which features a cubed mirror at the top. This image then represents the forest as a 'Puzzle'.
▲ This work is called "Inhabitants of the Forest".
A green market is located near the entrance and sells a variety of lovely Tokachi area food. Hamburgers, curries, grilled trout and goat's milk cheese.
The garden makes for a perfect day. Relaxing, fun and tasty! A unique Hokkaido garden. 
Hokkaido Garden Show
Venue:  Tokachi Millennium Forest  (Shimizu-cho, South Haobi. Line 10)
Dates: 10/8 (Sat) 6/2 (Mon)
TEL 0156 633 000
Admission: \1,500 for adults and ¥500 middle and high school students.
Free for elementary school students
(Hokkaido Likers Photo-writer - FUKKO)
  • "Millennium Forest Garden Show"

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Fumiko Magota