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Spotting "Nipopo(s)" in Abashiri

Located in the Ohotsuku area of Hokkaido (Located in the North-East) is the famous town of Abashiri which contains the Old Abashiri Prison and other site seeing spots. Around this area you may happen to spot a "Nipopo"!
Hello!! I am a "Nipopo"! My name comes from the Ainu language and I am a small child craved from wood. I am only found in the local Ohotsuku area. I am a good luck charm so spotting me will bring you a good day.
I was first made and sold in 1954 by Abashiri prison inmates. Today inmates still make and sell me. Also you may have noticed that I don't have ears, hands and feet - Can you guess why? Let me tell you that at the end of my tale.
You can find me around the city in different areas and in different sizes. Here I am in from of the JR Abashiri train station helping with the street lights. I'm here with my brothers!
"Abashiri JR Station" Shin-machi 2-chome, Abashiri
Here is the main gate of the Old Abashiri Prison (An historical place to visit). Here I am near the gate helping with the phone box!
Sancho, Abashiri
The 207m  "Tento" mountain plays home to the Ohotsuku Drift Ice Museum. Here you will find me welcoming you to the museum.
245-1 Tentozan,  Abashiri
You will also find me and 335 of my brothers in the shopping area and other areas of Abashiri. You can also find a Nipopo Goddess in the Abashiri prison area.
So as you can see you will find me in and around Abashiri. Please come and visit me and my city and the sites it has to offer. Nipopo dolls are available only in Abashiri so when you come please ask for me in a box!
  • Spotting "Nipopo(s)" in Abashiri
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    Takako Chiba